Jump Drive failure..

So, I have a SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2.0GB jump drive that I got for Christmas last year and I use it almost daily. It’s the slim kind with the transparent cover and cap and it’s been great…up until a couple days ago.

The last thing that I used it for was to save a pdf ticket to a Brad Paisley concert so I could take it to a computer with a printer. Now, all it does when I plug it in to a usb slot is slowly light-up on the end as it normally would, but then it immediately fades out and doesn’t do anything at all after that.

I’m assuming it’s dead and I did a little searching around to see if I could find similar cases and possibly a solution, but I didn’t find much of anything that seemed useful. If anyone knows what is wrong or can confirm that it’s definitely dead then please let me know.

I’m looking into pricegrabber.com to find a great price on another one…except this time I’ll probably aim for something around 4-8GB. So that’s what I’ve been up to lately…and I’m ready to take out the tools and open this little soldier up if it’s definitely dead. 😀

Let me know!

Are you a fan of Windows 3.11

Windows 3.11

Well, if so then you have until November 1, 2008 to get a copy of it. After that, Windows 3.11 for Workgroups will no longer be available. It’s hard to understand why Microsoft has continued to support Windows 3.11 while trying so hard to get rid of Windows XP lately.

Windows 3.11 was released on August 11, 1993..which means that it has managed to pack in 15 years of support! Windows XP was released on October 25, 2001 and after only 7 years of support is now being pushed under the rug by Microsoft in an effort to help Vista gain more popularity and force Windows users to open their wallets to purchase what is in my opinion only worthy of being called a Service Pack for Windows XP. Windows XP will only be on sell while remaining supplies last. Currently most retailers still show signs of steady stock, but once it’s gone…well…it’s gone.

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/jcoyne/…it-s-the-end-for-3-11.aspx

I’m Old Greg

This is a great video that a friend of mine showed to both of us the other night. It just cracked me up so I had to post it on my site to share with everyone. If you find any other clips and sequels to this then feel free to post them in the comments and I’ll add the videos to the post!

So check it out and enjoy..

Old Greg

Mark Shuttleworth says Ubuntu can out-pretty Apple in two years

If you read my blog regularly then you will know that I’m a huge fan of Ubuntu Linux and Open Source projects! Just recently, the Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth called upon the open source community for a challenge that will help Ubuntu to rival the “pretty” operating system that is Macintosh.

Billionaire, cosmonaut and founder of the fast-growing Ubuntu Linux distribution Mark Shuttleworth dreams impossible dreams.

No, not a return to the stars. He believes in something that’s far harder for mortal open source engineers to achieve.

That dream? To produce a desktop more beautiful to ordinary users than legions of Apple programmers supping on the milk of chief exec Steve Jobs’ alleged brilliance are capable of producing. That includes a desktop not funded by a clutter of annoying banner or Flash-based ads, but paid for by subscription-based services.

Now you’re done dreaming, go home and code for the victory.

Source: TheRegister.co.uk

If you’ve followed Ubuntu at all from one release to another then you should know by now that it is a very fast pace Operating System. With updates being released on a six-month basis, it’s easy to see that the open source community is hard at work to bring Linux (not just Ubuntu) into the real world.

Linux has for a long time been viewed as an alternative operating system for geeks and not friendly enough for the average PC user. While that may have been true in the past, those beliefs are fair outdated.

With previous releases of Ubuntu, it was obvious that work was going into the core components and making sure everything “just worked.” Now, with Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04, it is clear that progress has been made on making tasks easier to accomplish and minimizing the use of the terminal for average users. Installing a new application is as simple as it is in Windows. Just download the Debian file (*.deb) and double click it. An installer opens just like it would in Windows.

With more and more projects becoming open source, it’s no surprise that Ubuntu has become easier to use. The tools that you once couldn’t find are now included or are in the “Add/Remove” application for installations only a few clicks away.

Now that Ubuntu can be installed on basically every computer system and in most cases “just works” right after installation with very little necessary configurations, it’s time to work on the appearance and that’s just what they are doing.

If you have seen any screenshots of the next release, Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10, then you’ll notice that the default theme is darker and gives Ubuntu a whole new feel. I for one am usually a fan of brighter themes, just like the default theme in Ubuntu Hardy Heron, but there isn’t much that I can say about the new work that has been going into the appearance. I’m sure that it will be changing even more if their goal is to rival Apple, but they can’t do it without YOU.

If you can help develop then I’m sure you could contribute some to the project! If you don’t develop, but instead just use the operating system then they would definitely appreciate feedback and suggestions.

Batman – The Dark Knight

The Dark Night

So I just watched this excellent movie and I’ll have to say that it impressed me even more than I expected! I know there is also a lot of talk about the movie due to the unfortunate loss of Heath Ledger, but I must say that he was the most impressive actor/actress in the entire film.

It almost felt like the movie was aimed more towards him, even though it was…well…you know…a Batman movie. Batman Begins does a really good job of covering his own origins and what not, but The Dark Night doesn’t really focus much on him..except for maybe a couple things in his life. I won’t give out the details…so all I can say is that I wasn’t disappointed.

You won’t be either, so…Go see it and take your friends!

UPDATE (2008-07-23):
Here is a quick update from one of my blog readers.

Hey Kyle,

I read your review today of The Dark Knight. I don’t know if you heard about this, but did you see that PETA is now condemning the movie because batman hurts dogs in it? Pretty ridiculous.


Anyway I thought you would find this amusing.

Take care,

That is really ridiculous! I noticed that there were several dogs that would just be thrown around in the movie, but I can’t believe PETA is complaining about it really. The scenes with the dogs aren’t really cruel scenes at all. Just self defense really.

Anyway, thanks Cory for the email!

Upgrading to WordPress 2.6

Well, I’m still on vacation, but while it’s raining and we are waiting on our pizza to be delivered I figured I would go a head and run the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plug-in to do all of the work for me. 😀

You may notice the site disabled temperarily, but it should only be for a minute or two. Wish me luck….pizza just arrived…

Upgrading to WordPress 2.6 is now complete! Now to eating..

Summertime vacation at the beach..

Well, I’ve taken a few days to just relax at the beach. I’m currently in Wilmington just relaxing and about to go out to the hotel pool for a few hours. Just thought I would write something short and quick to keep my readers updated.

Hopefully I can go surfing soon and take some good pictures…maybe as good as the ones where *someone* went sand boarding and fell down the entire hill, haha. That will be me on a surf board for sure. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves!

Talk to you all later.

phpBB 3.0.2 released

Only an hour ago phpBB 3.0.2 was released to the public! If you’re like me and always decide to upgrade your blogs and forums to the latest stable versions immediately when they are released, then you may enjoy a post I will be putting together on the update process from phpBB 3.0.1 to 3.0.2.

Since many of us, including myself, tend to search around from time to time online for simplified and quick guides for these tedious little tasks…I will be writing a simplified list of steps or at least explainations to the steps that are already provided with the upgrading packages.

Maybe my explanations to some of the steps will help you understand just a little bit better what is going on when you are updating phpBB.

Well, I’ll keep you posted here with a link to the guide when I complete it. Until then, don’t break your phpBB 3.0.1 forums. 😛

Guy night out

Well, today I get to drive down to Raleigh and have a “Guy night out”. Haha, I’ll be alone so that’s why it’s funny, but it should be a fun night away from home and hanging out all night doing whatever I want to do.

Hopefully I can fit a beach trip in soon, but until then I’ll take advantage of my time away from home and chilling in Raleigh! Actually I’ll be staying in Cary tonight, but Raleigh after that. Hopefully they’ll have a pool where I’m staying! I haven’t looked into the options yet, just got a room.

There’s something about staying in hotels that I’ve always loved. I still have no clue what it is really, but it’s like getting to do whatever you want like your own apartment or whatever with the benefits of not having to clean up anything…and just take advantage of everything that…that’s the fun part.

Well, I better get on the road! Maybe I’ll blog again when I get to the room.

Happy Birthday Me!

Haha, I just had to. 😛 So today is my 22nd Birthday! I’m just now to the point where every birthday becomes more and more of a disappointment, lol. It’s cool up to 21, but after that nothing special happens and you’re only getting older.

Hopefully I can make something fun happen!

Well, eight more birthday’s until I’m officially getting old. I’ve got to make the most of my birthday’s before then, haha, so wish me luck! 😀

Happy 4th of July – Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone made plans to celebrate! I’ll be celebrating in my home town..maybe with my family.

I hope to hear some awesome stories about everyone’s 4th experience this year, haha. Don’t get too hungover though…where ever you are, you best be celebrating my birthday on the 5th! Big Two-Two, haha. I’m going to be “old” in less than 24 hours. You know…21 is great…after that it’s all down hill, lol.

Well, off to sleep to prepare for my favorite holiday of the year! Oh and the watermelon is an essential piece of the fun…so everyone indulge in as much watermelon as you can! Maybe popcorn too, but be responsible. Don’t eat and drink.