Drupal < WordPress

After a lot of work..and research..and back and forth communication with an ITEC member here at NC State, I was finally able to get Drupal installed and running on the EOS web server.

Unfortunately they have disabled many very useful features in the Apache server settings in order to eliminate potential security hazards.

As it turned out, all that I needed to do the whole time to get Drupal working (other than some permission modifications, creating new folders since Open Base Directory usage was restricted and a few others) was to temporarily rename or remove the .htaccess file.

After that the setup completed, the .htaccess file was restored and everything seems to be fine.

Now that Drupal is running I’ve had time to inspect the control panel and I really must say that Drupal is far from user friendly when compared to WordPress.

It was actually a little frustrating to navigate through and content posting tools were in my opinion less than useful. I expected to find a nice text editor similar to the one found in WordPress for posts or pages (TinyMCE), but as it turns out there is only a text area (resizable, woot).

Anyhoo, I now get to finish migrating content from the ACM/AITP web site into Drupal so it can be managed more efficiently and kept up-to-date.

Drupal offers a lot of modules which are basically like plug-ins and add new functionality and features to your site such as a calendar or whatever you need.

I haven’t really started working on the theme yet and probably won’t until I get all of the content migrated and general usability of the site complete, but I really hope that the themes are as simple to modify for Drupal as they are for WordPress.

I’ll post some pictures when I complete the site update…or something geeky. 😛

Power Hour v0.4 source is now available

I finally got around to uploading the source code to my Power Hour program. I hadn’t looked at it in about a year and just recently have been getting comments and emails about it.

It looks like I may need to start it back up and see if I can finish it since I stopped shortly after getting most fo the features working last year.

It would also be nice to go in a clean up the code and stabilize it a little more with some error checking and such. If anyone is interested in fixing and patching the errors with me feel free. My contact information can be found on the “About” page (linked to above).

I also took some time recently to convert the code from the original Visual Basic 2005 format to the newer Visual Basic 2008 format just to keep up with the times. If you don’t have Visual Basic 2008, you can download it for free and get a free registration code from Microsoft. I use the Express Editions and they offer everything I would need.

The Visual Basic 2005 code is available for v0.4, so if you already have that then you can just start contributing code from that and I can quickly convert and make it fit into the Visual Basic 2008 code.

I’m working towards Power Hour v0.5 and I plan on publishing it after the application becomes very stable and all currently pending “tickets” are resolved. If you want your name added to the credits just send in some form of a patch or fix and I’ll add your credits to the program!

Until then just enjoy the program and show your friends. 😉

Hurricane Kyle

Kyle, which formed Thursday east of the Bahamas, was moving north Sunday morning.
Kyle, which formed Thursday east of the Bahamas, was moving north Sunday morning.

So apparently I’m famous yet again! Hurricane Kyle is making it’s way towards the US and Canada.

Kyle, a Category 1 hurricane, is forecast to make landfall late Sunday or early Monday near the border between Maine and Canada.

As of 11 a.m. Sunday, Kyle’s center was about 140 miles (225 kilometers) east-southwest of Nantucket, Massachusetts, and 355 miles (570 kilometers) southwest of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the National Hurricane Center said.

The storm formed Thursday east of the Bahamas.

Kyle’s maximum sustained winds were near 80 mph (130 kph), with higher gusts. The winds had strengthened since Saturday night, when maximum sustained winds were barely above hurricane strength at about 75 mph, forecasters said.

A Category 1 storm has winds from 74 to 95 mph.

Kyle was moving north Sunday morning at near 24 mph and was expected “to pass east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and the coast of Maine later today and tonight,” the forecasters said.

It’s been a long while since the last Hurricane Kyle. Maybe this one will be more memorable, but in a safe way. 😉

Cold slow days of Fall

The weather has been changing pretty rapidly here this year it seems. A week ago I was walking around in shorts and a shirt. Now I have to wear a jacket everywhere and even layer up for my late classes.

Oh well, that warm weather can’t last forever here in North Carolina I suppose. I love the Fall, I just wish I had brought more warm clothes with me from home. 😛

I’ve noticed that Hillsborough St. seems to have slowed down a little with the cold weather lately and not as many people are out running. Well, there are of course the intramural sports going on now which are fun to watch since nothing else is lively.

The past few days have just had a calm, silent and peaceful feel in the air that I’ve just loved. I’ve loved Fall as my favorite season of the year since I was a child. I’m still not exactly sure why though. I need to figure that out sometime. 😀

One thing about Fall is that the rain is always so cold. We’re only 3 days into it and the weather already fits the stereotypical Fall season. The first day of Fall was Monday, September 22, 2008.

Digsby Performance Update

Digsby released a much intended performance update to the now very popular instant messaging client today.

Overall performance of the instant messenger has dramatically improved cutting CPU and Ram usage down up to by up to 75%!

There have been a number of stability fixes and general messenger improvements as well.

Major changes in this release include:

  • RAM Usage: We optimized from the ground up and fixed memory leaks to lower RAM usage by almost 75%. This has been the number one complaint since our launch and we are proud to introduce this massive improvement.
  • Performance: User interface elements draw twice as fast for better performance. We have made changes to the architecture that will improve GUI responsiveness and CPU utilization across the board.
  • Connectivity: Every IM protocol automatically tries multiple connection methods and ports to improve the odds of getting through restrictive firewalls and proxy servers.
  • LinkedIn: Digsby now supports LinkedIn in addition to the other social networks. Functionality includes a full newsfeed, alerts when new messages arrive, and the ability to set status right from Digsby.
  • Bug Fixes: We have fixed hundreds of bugs, making Digsby more stable than ever. There have been almost 3,000 revisions in our codebase since the last release so there are too many fixes to list in our changelog.

If you haven’t noticed the update yet and would like to update Digsby now then the easiest way is to close Digsby and reopen it. Upon reopening, Digsby will search for updates and apply them automatically. 😀

If you noticed major improvements and didn’t know why, then now you know! 😉


Apparently the update is only automatically pushed to people using the test builds. All others will need to manually download and install the update. Thanks Jeffrey for clarifying that in the comments.

Just to clarify: digsby will automatically update for those users who were on the test builds. Everyone else must actually download and reinstall to get the latest version. The easiest way to find out is by checking your Digsby version by going to “About -> Digsby”. If the build is 15142 or lower then you must download and reinstall manually.

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Slacker Uprising: Now Available for Free

Slacker Uprising, which is a film by Michael Moore which aims to encourage 18-29 years to get out and vote, is now available.

Today was the release date for this film which is being offered online for free via download.

To get this film you have one of two options and both are 100% legal and legitimate.

1. You can download the video from the official website which only allows downloads from within Canada and USA.

2. You can download the video via BitTorrent which may actually be a faster method. If you’re unsure of what BitTorrent is or how to use it then you can find all of the information that you need to know here.

I for one will be downloading this video as I have heard a lot of good things about it and since it’s being legally offered for free…why not?

UPDATE (2008-10-03):
I myself have not received a notice of take down, but I might as well remove the link to the torrent since the torrents are apparently being removed now.

Several websites linking to Michael Moore’s freebie film Slacker Uprising have received cease-and-desist letters demanding removal of the torrents.


You can still get the movie legally and for free from the official website which is option number one above.

HTC G1 – I want the Google Phone

If you didn’t know already, Google has been working on a platform for mobile phones named Android. Android is an open source platform that is based on the Linux platform.

The G1 will be in competition with the Apple iPhone and will feature an App store that is very similar to the one that is currently in place for the iPhone.

Many of the features will even be similar while the interface will be much different.

The current price for the HTC G1 is set at a very competitive price – $179, just $20 less than the iPhone.

The G1 looks fairly similar in appearance to the iPhone, featuring a large touch screen. However, the G1 also features a slide out keyboard and in a very slick way.

The screen of the phone slides to the right and underneath where the screen was is now a full featured keyboard!

I have been considering starting an Amazon wishlist, so now just may be the perfect time for me to add a thing or two to my wishlist and publish it — the HTC G1 being one of them. 😉

So if any of my friends or a stranger having a good day would like to make my day then you can do so much more easily! 😀

The phone is currently only offered with a T-Mobile plan, however, I’m hoping that like the iPhone..I will be about to purchase the phone itself and adjust it to fit my network. 😉

We’ll see. For now I’ll just be keeping up with some of the latest news on it.

I now have an Amazon Wishlist setup. 😛 So feel free to make a purchase whenever you see fit. 😉 The link is also in the list on the right.

Upgrading Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10

I’m seeing a lot of search results coming in for this topic and while I have answered this in the past, it was for a different version update and will lose relevance.

Also note that Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex is not scheduled to be released automatically until October 30, 2008. Upgrading at this point will update your system to Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 6. If you wait until October 2nd you will upgrade to the Beta Release and waiting until October 23rd will upgrade you to the Release Candidate.

I’ve been using Ubuntu 8.10 since Alpha 1 and it has been stable and amazing the entire time!

Upgrading from Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10

To upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04, run “update-manager -d” using the update-manager package from hardy. You can do this quickly by pressing Alt+F2 to launch the Run Application dialog and paste and press enter.

This will launch the Update Manager, but it will also at the same time search for release updates.

After the Update manager has launched you should see a button above the updates list box that says:

New distribution release ‘8.10’ is available

There should be an “Upgrade” button to the right of it. Clicking this button will guide you through upgrading to the latest release.

Below is an image similar to what you should see:

So here’s a really quick overview:

  1. Press Alt+F2 to launch the Run Application dialog.
  2. Copy and paste “update-manager -d” and press enter.
  3. Click the “Upgrade” button in the Update Manager window.
  4. Follow the steps and make sure to reboot when you’re told to.
  5. Finished!

Opera Speed Dial idea

The other day this “duh” idea just popped into my head, so I thought I might draw it up and send it off to get some opinions and reviews.

Basically, I just realized that while adding a new entry to Speed Dial is relatively painless, it could be a whole lot more convinient and here’s how.

If for instance you find yourself checking a specific web site or web page frequently then you might be tempted to bookmark that page or save it to Speed Dial.

If you think about it, to bookmark a page you don’t even have to “leave” the page or switch to a different screen or window to do so.

You can go to the menu item “Bookmarks -> Bookmark Page” or you can just press Ctrl+D.

My idea makes adding or updating Speed Dials more intuitive in a way by adding a menu item to the right click menu of all pages.

I would add the entry “Add to Speed Dial”, which would then open a simple dialog prompting the user to select the Speed Dial entry that they would like to store the current page to.

This would be very handy in my opinion as not all users will realize that they don’t have to copy and paste the url if it is not already listed in their opened pages, frequently visited pages or an Opera page.

It’s also (in my opinion) visually reassuring of which page you are actually adding.

I posted an Opera forum topic about this as well and it has a poll so go vote!

I could survive for 1 minute and 19 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor.

After reading up on my daily dose of feeds at Google Reader I came across Hannah’s interesting/comical post dealing with velociraptors and survival.

Obviously that caught my eye so I had to try this myself. It’s just a fun little 10 question test.

I could survive for 1 minute, 19 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

If that’s as long as I could survive, haha, well then why bother trying. I think my strategy would have been to run around under and through the bed to get the velociraptor tangled up so it couldn’t move…much like a dog, haha.