Orbitfiles: 6GB of online storage waiting for you!

Orbitfiles I just came across a very handy website called Orbitfiles where you get 6GB of online storage and the best part is that you can join it now for free!

As they say in their welcome email:

…you can store and access any type of files – documents, videos, music files, presentations, photos and many others from any computer at any place on earth.

While 6GB can easily be filled with an average photo album collection, it can still go a long way. You could use Orbitfiles to share a download with someone or the entire world or even use it to keep a playlist of songs that you like to have access to at all times. 😛

If 6GB of free storage isn’t enough for you then you can even get unlimited storage for $5/month.

I’m going to give this service a good test drive, but I think 6GB will be enough for me for a little while.

Mid-Term is over…time for some peace

I just handed in my Mid-Term that I was slaving over for so long. I feel pretty good about it, having time to do pretty several extensive checks on most of the problems to make sure they were correct.

Now I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of the day (beautiful weather here..81 degrees right now and sunny 😀 ).

I’d really like to just waste time on the computer as I usually do in my free time, but I think I need to catch up on some sleep. So until next time..have a great day! 😉