My own Ubuntu Personal Package Archive

I setup my own personal package archive today on LaunchPad. I plan on writing a few programs and porting some older programs that I’ve written to the Debian platform.

This will allow me to have a central place of serving the updates.

If you want to use my repository, you can add it using the following:

deb intrepid main
deb-src intrepid main

I currently have not added any packages, but you can keep an eye on my activity and also bookmark the following link so you can update the repository when you upgrade your system.

I’d like to use this archive to publish snapshot builds of Opera, but unfortunately all published packages must be allowed to integrate with Ubuntu and since Opera is non-free I can’t do this. Oh well.

Opera skin updates and Torrent stats

I’ve updated the Opera 9.5 Standard – Lite Compact skin as I mentioned that I would in my last post. You can find the changelog on the download page. Most of the changes were just to bring the skin up-to-date with the latest standard Opera skin and a couple tweaks to improve the appearance.

Also, I’ve been seeding the Opera torrent files for a few days now. I’m not using the them at all, because the torrent download page only offers Opera for Windows in English and International versions and then a Mac install. I’m not sure why the Linux/Unix installs are not seeded.

Anyhoo, I’ve been seeding these three torrents just to help make sure that people are getting good speeds and doing my part. 😉

Here is a screenshot of the stats so far:

That’s 908.5 MB’s that I’ve uploaded in nearly four days. I think I’ll leave it running for as long as possible and see if I can hit a Terabyte (TB), haha. 😀

I might setup my own tracker and start seeding the Unix versions from here, so if you think that’s a good idea just let me know in the comments. If I can get a couple people thinking it’s a good idea to seed those then I’ll set it up. 😉