Opera 9.61: To be released soon, try it now

It looks like Opera is about to do a follow-up release of 9.61 to fix a couple of bugs that made it into 9.60. The International install file is dated 10/20/2008 01:31:00 PM on the ftp server.

I’ve uploaded Windows and Macintosh builds of Opera 9.61 to my “Old Versions” of Opera download page.

While Opera 9.61 is not official until it has been published on the front page and the official Opera download page, it’s usually a good sign when builds for Windows, Macintosh and Unix have all been built and are waiting on the servers. 😀

So you can either go to my download page or you can browse through the files on Opera’s ftp server (if you don’t trust my files 😛 ).

Or if you’re not ready to install it yet and would prefer to wait until it’s officially released then you should expect to see an update notification possibly within the next couple of days.

I do not have a definite list of the changes since 9.60 (yet). However, I think there will be a fix for the Opera Link bug that created multiple duplicate copies of bookmarks on the end users computer after synchronizing each time.

UPDATE (2008-10-21):
Opera 9.61 has been released. See the changelog here.

The eyeballing game

I love time waster games. This one, “The eyeballing game,” is pretty fun and it’s a true test to how well you pay attention to detail.

My score ended up being fair. I’m sure if I took it again I could score higher, especially with some form of aid to measure on screen. 😛

I scored a 4.43 on the game. Lower is better. I didn’t come close to others though. See how well you can do!

It runs you through the set of tests three times and takes the average of them as your score. The list of tests include measurements with:

  • Parallelogram
  • Midpoint
  • Bisect angle
  • Triangle center
  • Circle center
  • Right angle
  • Convergence

Give it go!