Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.3, new daily hits record

Sorry for the 1-2 minute down time just now while I was upgrading to WordPress 2.6.3. 😛

I know you missed being able to access the site for that amount of time, but it’s back now. 😀

In other news, kyleabaker.com saw a burst of activity today due to the interest in my post “Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 RC” and many Linux fans or curious people searching for Ubuntu 8.10 RC news.

I ended the 24 hour period with a total of 831 hits, beating out the previous daily record of 519 that came about after posting to a Digg article regarding Opera 9.5.

I tweeted the 750 hits mark here. The cycle resets at 8:00 PM so the results from today look like the following:

That last one give the final count and a preview to the searches that brought up kyleabaker.com most often. I’m glad to see so much interest in Ubuntu these days!

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 RC

Today, Ubuntu 8.10 Release Candidate will be released to the public. Today’s release candidate will most likely be what you will see in the final release which is scheduled to be released a week from today (October 30th).

The only time anything is ever changed in a Release Candidate is when there is a show-stopper (crash, data lose, etc.). It will of course be updated from time to time after final release, but only for security fixes and other serious bugs.

It won’t be long before I run an upgrade and start testing Ubuntu 9.04, but I can give you my word that Ubuntu 8.10 is ready to be released! I just hope you’re ready for it!

UPDATE (2008-10-23 @ 4:55 PM):
If you want to try out Ubuntu 8.10, you can find upgrade instructions here.

After upgrading, you may want to take a look at a list of software to install after each Ubuntu setup for Ubuntu 8.04 or Ubuntu 8.10. I’ve even included a terminal commands for a copy and paste install that will install everything at once (simplifying your life 😉 ).