Upgrading to WordPress 2.6.5

A new version of WordpPress just surprised me. Usually I’m in the know about these kinds of updates, but this one was a nice surprise.

If you’re not using it already then I would suggest WordPress Automatic Upgrade, which is a free plugin for WordPress that upgrades everything for you without all of the hassel.

Live easily and use this plugin. Just trust me. 😉

Cheers and happy holidays!

Cuttin’ Heads

I’m about to fall asleep to one of the best movies of all time. If any of you have Netflix then you can watch it instantly here. The movie is Crossroads (1986).

It’s one of the best movies of all time in my opinion and Brandon and I used to watch it together and just jam out trying to be guitar gods, haha. Now I realize that we are (and were) far from what they are in this movie, but at the time I still had hope. Now I’ve lost all hope in being good on guitar, but it’s definitely a movie that encourages me to play all the time.

Hopefully one day I can at least play one show to impress someone, haha, but not for a while. Until then I count on my good friend Kyle Phelps to teach me some more about guitar and to help be grow. Maybe I’ll even post some videos eventually. 😛

NASA Tests Interplanetary Internet

Ever thought about how much you would miss the Internet in space or on another planet?

Well, me either…until now. 😛

NASA has been working on and testing what they call “Interplanetary Internet” and have successfully transmitted images using a method based on our current Internet technologies to and from a spacecraft 20 million miles from Earth.

NASA and Vint Cerf, a vice president at Google, in Mountain View, Calif., who is often called the father of the Internet, partnered 10 years ago to develop the software protocol used for space transmissions, called Disruption-Tolerant Networking, or DTN. The DTN sends information using a method that differs from the terrestrial Internet’s Transmission-Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) communication suite, which Cerf co-designed.

The Interplanetary Internet must be robust enough to withstand delays, disruptions and disconnections in space. Glitches can happen when a spacecraft moves behind a planet, or when solar storms and long communication delays occur. For instance, the delay in sending or receiving data from Mars takes between three-and-a-half to 20 minutes, even at the speed of light.

If a disruption occurs in the pathway along which the information travels, each node in the network will hang on to its information until it’s safe to communicate, unlike our Internet on Earth, which just discards the data packets.

The new network could ease communication with distant spacecraft and enable new kinds of space missions.

Source: http://www.space.com/news/081119-deep-space-internet.html

Mac and Windows, Netflix and Silverlight

I’ve not been very pleased with Windows lately and have found that Ubuntu seems to have more to offer. However, after booting up in Windows Vista today for updates I wondered what the new Netflix Watch Instantly looked like and how well it worked.

After installing Silverlight it was time to check it out. If you want to use the silverlight version, which now supports Mac and Windows both, then you will have to opt-in here first.

I was surprised! The new player is great! I would even say it’s better than the old player. I just can’t wait until it’s supported in Linux.

Anyone have any opinions on the new player or Netflix Watch Instantly in general?

WP-UserAgent: A new User Agent plugin for WordPress, by me!

I’ve posted a modified WordPress plugin that you can download, extract and upload to your WordPress plugins folder to use.

I call it WP-UserAgent…a much more generic name than before. I prefer generic names. 😉

After activating it, it will show the operating system and browser of each user and comment for all of your posts and pages.

Enjoy and feel free to suggest improvements!

Awesome, I beat Solitaire in one deal!

This is the first time that I’ve ever beat Solitaire without having to go through the deal more than once.

I think they call it Vegas style or something like that in Solitaire on Windows. 😉

I started to think that it wasn’t possible, but now I know. 😉

UPDATE (2008-11-15):

Some how I did it twice more tonight!

Sorry. I was watching Die Hard 4 (a.k.a. Live Free or Die Hard) while playing and was too lazy to crop the pictures. 😉

Beach break from school for the weekend

I just got back from a two day break to Myrtle Beach.

Although the weather wasn’t great for swimming outdoors, it was still great to be able to take a weekend away from school and relax.

Several hours in the sand, throwing frisbee and going out to eat a few times turned out to be a lot of fun!

Hope everyone was able to have a good weekend with out. 😉

Opera Skin: Opera Standard Dust

I just published a new skin for Opera based on the standard or default skin: Opera Standard Dust

The differences are tweaks in color and tone and a few different images to make it fit into the Ubuntu Dust theme.

Click the images below to see a larger version.

That’s all for now, but enjoy!