Call Forwarding to Google Voice Mail

After having a Grand Central account for a long time that I never really used, which has now become Google Voice, I’ve finally found it to be some what useful.

Thanks to my brother tipping me off to this trick, I’ve got a faster voice mail service that can email the messages to me, transcribe them to text, text message them to me, etc.

You can also create groups and setup each group of contacts to reach a different voice mail greeting.

To do this yourself, all you have to do is:

  1. Create a Google Voice account for yourself and select a phone number.
  2. Go to your Google Voice account and open Settings -> Phones and uncheck any phones listed.
  3. Go to Settings -> General and under Notifications you can set it to email you or text the message to yourself.
  4. Dial *71 + 10 digit Google Voice number

Basically, what this does is forward the caller to your Google Voice number if you fail to answer the call. From that point Google Voice just intercepts the call with the Voice Mail greeting message.

If you ever want to undo this little trick, all you have to do is dial *710 on your mobile device and your original voice mail service will be restored (since the phone no longer forwards to the Google Voice number).

These numbers (*71 and *710) are as far as I know generic, however, if they don’t seem to work for your phone service, just do a quick google search for “busy number call forwarding” + your service provider.

Good luck and enjoy! 😉

Trashing Computers..and Junk

I didn’t realize how much computer hardware I had acquired over the years until I came home to a very messy room this summer.

I’m typically a fairly organized individual with a clear desk and clear floor, but that sure wasn’t the case this summer.

I started sorting the “junk” in my room into different piles, one of them being an electronics pile (motherboards, wireless cards, video cards, ram, floppy drives, cd/dvd-roms, zip drives, power supplies, hard drives, tons of cables, etc).

I also didn’t realize how much I enjoied holding on to junk, but I think I reached a new level now that I can easily trash a floppy drive that’s in near “mint” condition, haha. 😛 Or the 10-20 phone cables I came across that I had saved for dial-up.

Now that I’ve collected a large garbage bag of electronics to drop off at the nearest thrift store, I can actually work efficiently once again in my room.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to blogging frequently. 😉

I’ve also been spending a lot of time lately doing some DIY repairs and detailing to several cars lately, so I might just be able to broaden the range of content on here a little more with some DIY guides. 😉