Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha Internal Release

I’ve just given a leaked release of Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha a test drive and I must say that I’m very impressed with the changes I’ve noticed thus far!

I look forward to testing the Official Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha release on Tuesday, December 22. However, until then I’ll be digging through this leaked version.

Note that Opera has officially warned against installing such leaked builds, stating that the official release will be “much better and you don’t risk getting nasty trojans on you pc.” πŸ˜‰

Here are some screenshots I’ve taken. I don’t cover everything, but just enough to give you a good idea of what we should be expecting. I also won’t be detailing all of these pictures, but a picture is worth a thousand words right? Inspect them and see what you can find!

I did notice a lot of skin changes and a couple of bugs here and there dealing with the skin, but it’s overall very much improved. The internal “opera:*” pages also seem to be using a different style than previous builds, but then again they may have dropped using the Opera logo in the top of the pages.

Notice the border-radius support!

Try this build at your own risk!

Opera Google Wave Skin

I’ve been using a new theme lately for Ubuntu that is based on the appearance of Google Wave. One thing that I hate about Opera in Linux is that it doesn’t automatically inherit the current themes appearance. The only way to make Opera match your current theme is to download a skin for that theme or to make one yourself.

I’ve decided to modify the standard skin by updating the background behind the tabs and changing the scrollbar images to match the rest of my current themes scrollbars.

There are still several more tweaks to make, but for now I’m very satisfied with the integrating feel that these small changes have made.


I may upload this Opera skin later, but not while I’m still tweaking it. In the meantime, if you want this skin then just contact me and I’ll send you what I’ve made so far.

Last exam of the semester

So I got up earlier than I expected to this morning, which leaves me with plenty of extra time to prepare for my last exam (that isn’t until 6pm).

Hopefully I can start finding some time to get some Christmas shopping out of the way, or at least make a shopping list to make things go fast! It seems like I’m late to get any shopping accomplished every single year, but then again…I’m broke every single year as well. πŸ˜›

Back to the books after a quick break catching up on the news and social sites..

Sitting on a couch..then crash

So, tonight I’m sitting on a couch at my friend’s apartment. We’re just skipping channels watching nothing at all (mostly just talking).

Imagine a crash through your kitchen. Well, that’s basically what happened.

A drunk driver ran a stop sign and ran straight into my friends apartment pushing the entire kitchen counter and dishes into the wall and floor.

I jumped up and first thing said, “Dude, someone just ran into your house,” which we later found out to be very true. So a drunk driver hit my friends house and I jumped up thinking it was going to hit me after it shook me nearly off the couch.

I ran to the back door, opened it and saw two headlights approximately 10 feet away. That alone was a sign that I shouldn’t attempt to assist the situation (yet).

As it turns out, the person that hit the house was an acquaintance and someone that I had recently met. While he is a great person and very friendly, he did a very stupid thing.

As I opened the door I see two headlights backing out and the vehicle hits a power source, …then the road. They take off speeding.

The damage done was, a kitchen sink, counter, garbage disposal, cabinets, glasses, dishes, etc… spread all over the floor.

Honestly, if anyone were in the kitchen at the time then they would have been in pain and probably more. Luckily, no one was hurt and everyone was alert.

We were all shook up and nervous, so when the police came and questioned us we all gave detailed descriptions.

Fortunately we all knew who the drunk was and we all wanted to prosecuted him for his stupidity and endangerment.

The current status is that he is still at large although his vehicle is still at his home and officers are waiting outside his home.

The police are at this minute waiting outside his home waiting for him to come out.

Without a sign of him being home they are not allowed to enter, but they are scoping the property for signs of someone there.

The deck was destroyed… railing was crushed, couch was crushed, foldout chairs were crushed….everything gone.

When the car hit, I was sitting on the sofa. The impact pushed me nearly off the couch. Β That’s when I knew something went terribly wrong.

The police have taken my information for now, but we’ll find out if I’m actually needed (I hope not). Here’s to staying sober and driving under the “uninfluence”.

Most people say drunk accidents will never happen to them (that’s me), but this honestly come out of nowhere. Be safe, drive sober or don’t drive at all. πŸ˜‰

Now I have to open my schedule due to a stupid drunk driver. Let’s hope they catch him before they need me for jury duty!

Google Wave + Maintenance = ..Day at the Beach?

So I recently noticed a small box at the top of my Google Wave account that mentioned something about being “offline”. I knew this wasn’t true, so I clicked the simple “Connect now” link in the same box.

With no success, I decided it would be easier to just close the tab and go to the address again (as this fixes Gmail sometimes).

Here is what I was presented:

At least their maintenance page has some moving clouds and rolling waters…unlike Twitters. πŸ˜›

If you’re looking for a Google Wave invite, I’ve still got some left!