But ours go to eleven…Opera 11

Opera 11 has been making a lot of buzz across the Internet today now that an alpha version has been released.

New in Opera 11 is support for the very much requested extensions! While there is currently a very limited selection of extensions available, I suspect this will quickly change. 😉

If you’re using Opera 11 already and you’re also using Ubuntu 10.10 with the Ambiance or Radiance themes, do forget to update you skin with my Ambiance and Radiance skins for Opera.

For those who are curious, you can find brief changelogs in the comments with the latest one being here.

If you’re not using Opera 11 yet and would like to, go get it!

Polishing the Opera browser interface

One of Opera’s largest draw backs in my opinion is the lack of TLC (tender love and care) and polishing of the user interface. If you can manage to look paste the areas of Opera that seem to have difficult learning curves then you will find a beautiful browser that is capable of handling nearly any task you push it to.

That being said, I’d like to point out some user interface polishes that I would personally like to see incorporated into the browser. I would also like to make sure to state that I am in no way ranting about the Opera browser, but instead pointing out the most noticeable user interface flaws in hopes of improvement and attention to these areas. I actually use the Opera browser daily and as my main browser, so it’s important to me to see it progress and improve!

I’ll try to keep my list organized for maintaining later, so they are in no prioritized order. They’re just divided to make them easier for the both of us to find later. 😉

This post will be too long for a single page, so I’ll try to break up the content into the following order:

  • Introduction
  • Address Bar
  • Block(ed) Content
  • Skins
  • Speed Dial
  • Tab Bar
  • Widgets
  • Conclusion

My Heel Cord Lengthening Surgery (Part Deux)

Just an update to my first post, now with updated pictures of my staples (sensored, click to view the slight gore, but its not too bad) and new cast. 😛

Another 2-3 weeks in this rockin’ cast and I’ll be….oh yea, I’ll be in a walkable boot for 3-4 more weeks. 🙁

This pretty much finishes up my recovery surgeries, giving me a current count of seven and one minor cosmetic surgery early next year.

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Released!

Code named Maverick Meerkat, Ubuntu 10.10 has been officially released and brings with it loads of improvements both in visual and stability sense. Ubuntu 10.10 is yet another release that helps hold the bar high among other Linux distributions.

With Ubuntu 10.10, the Ambiance and Radiance themes found in the previous release have steadily gained aesthetic improvements that will, in future releases, set Ubuntu on par to rival the simplicity and beauty of mainstream competitors such as Mac OS X and Windows 7.

Rather than repeat whats already been posted across the Internet in many different places already today, I’ll direct you to my friends blog, which also happens to be my favorite Ubuntu blog… 😀

If you’re just looking for the downloads, you can find them here. Their simple guide will have you ready to install Ubuntu 10.10 in no time!