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Hey all, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating an Opera Bugs page so anyone can submit a quick summary of a bug that they posted to the Opera Bug Wizard. If I build a page like this, it will be useful to all Opera fans/addicts if they want to ‘track’ a bug. Currently it is not possible to track bugs that you submit via the bug wizard. This submission tool would allow users to keep track of these bugs in a public way and update the status when there is a change.

I was thinking that I might have items very similar to the bug wizard so users can just copy and paste…making it very easy to add to the bug collection. The following entry items give an idea:

What is the Bug Number Given by Opera Bug Wizard?

What Date Bug was posted on Opera Bug Wizard:

What kind of problem is this?
->Other problem
->Spec violation
->Security issue
->Crashes Opera

Where is the problem?
->Web page problem
->Mail, news & feeds
->File Downloads
->Opera Installation
->Not sure/Other

Brief summary of the problem encountered

What URL triggers this bug, if any?

Describe in 3 steps or more how to reproduce this bug

When following the steps described above:
1. What do you expect to appen?
2. What actually happens?

Specify what version of Opera you are using:

That is about all that I’ve come up with so far, but I have not began coding anything yet. We’ll see in the next few weeks to come.

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