What I’ve been up to…Widgetizing!

hey everyone..I’ve been quiet busy lately. Between classes ending at school and study sessions starting, staying out with friends and..widgetizing. Yes, I said widgetizing. I’ve been coding a new cool widget that you’ll see released sometime in the near future. This widget is designed just for the Opera browser, so if you haven’t tried Opera yet…you need to jump on it. I can’t give too many details out about it, but it is something that nearly everyone uses while on a computer. 😉 My coding is nearly halfway complete. I’ve spent the last week or so working on it and thus far I’ve got nearly 2,300 lines of code…javascript code..that is a lot of javascript if you don’t know! I’ve been going through and simplifying some of the code as I go..just finding shorter and easier ways to do things, so it should improve over all performance. I wish I could post a screenshot or something, but I better keep it a secret until it is ready to release. I’ve also waiting for Opera to get back to me about a couple of bugs that I found in their browser when dealing with widgets. Hopefully they will get that sorted out soon so I don’t end up finishing the widget and waiting for them to fix the bugs so it will work correctly. 😛

One thing that is kind of funny is that..I’m constantly checking my code in other browsers to make sure that it is handled correctly (even though this widget is designed specifically for the Opera browser) and I’ve come across so many cases where IE7 can’t handle the code! It’s insane. Microsoft has to be the worst in the world at coding their software to standards. I’m a windows user, I’ll go a head and get that out in the open. However, I have switched it Linux on numerous occasions. It’s just that..the rest of the world and web wants to move on and progress while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer just tries to control the progression so that the coders can sit on their lazy @$$es and do nothing all day. I mean, look at the acid2 test for example: http://www.webstandards.org/files/acid2/test.html. I laugh every time I inspect this page with Internet Explorer. They are so terrible! Also, I noticed that Firefox seems to have trouble handling some simple javascript. The widget renders just fine, however, some elements do not behave the same in Firefox as they do in Opera…even though it is a standard that they are not following. I know this is a bit vague, but more detail is coming just as soon as I release the first version of this widget. Thus far it is up to build number 0.04, lol. Doesn’t sound like much work has been done, but there is, hehe. You’ll see soon enough. Just stay tuned here, or check out the current widgets at widgets.opera.com.

So until then..stay tuned!

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