Got my Trillian Astra Alpha Account Today

So I finally got invited to join the Trillian Astra alpha testing team! This basically means that I got a Trillian Pro account for free! If you haven’t seen any news about the new Trillian instant messenger client then you should check it out soon! Along with a free account to test the messenger program, I get to use some other new services that Cerulean Studios is developing such as Trillian Mini (below), Web-based (Ajax) Trillian messenger at, and a few other cool new apps and widgets. Go there and apply for your own invitation for free!

4 thoughts on “Got my Trillian Astra Alpha Account Today”

  1. using Opera 9 Opera 9 on GNU/Linux GNU/Linux
    Opera/9.50 (X11; Linux x86_64; U; en)

    Sorry, I can’t upload the alpha software. I’m quiet sure that would get me kicked out of the alpha testing too. The alpha won’t really work anyway for you, because they haven’t opened registration up to the public and you have to have an astra account before you can get to the actual messenger. Otherwise you are stuck with a login screen and no account that will login. They are planning to open up to the public with a beta soon though. It should be too much longer.

  2. using Opera 9 Opera 9 on Windows XP Windows XP
    Opera/9.52 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en)

    Sorry…I wish I could send out invitations, but we (the users) don’t have that option at this time. Hopefully in the future they will open up an invitation system, but currently there is nothing I can do.

    If they ever do then you will be the first to get an invitation from me. In the meantime, all I can suggest is to submit a request to join like I did and maybe they will add you soon.

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