Stevie Ray Vaughan

guitarI just can’t get enough of this song..and I hope that everyone who reads this will just turn down their lights and turn their speakers all the way up and just feel the blues in this music..

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Voodoo Chile (slight return)

tevie Ray Vaughan gives me a reason to wake up and breathe every morning. He is the king of the blues in my book and one of my favorite guitarist of all time. Give Stevie a chance. He can’t ask that now cause he died in a very sad accident, but I’m here to shift you toward his style in his honor, lol. But seriously…Stevie is amazing!@(*&*$@#

So remember, lights down, speakers max’ed out, attitude free……

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    I know I’ve already posted this video, but Stevie Ray is the best reason to enjoy life that I can think of so I can only hope that you can understand what I mean by this and enjoy him as well and interpret him the same.

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