First Post with new Blogging warez!

wordpressHey everyone, this is my first post with the new blogging freeware/open source project that is known as WordPress. I finally gave into the temptation from seeing other WordPress blogs and seeing how easy it was to post daily. Maybe you’ll find me posting a lot more often than I have been in the past. 😉

I was growing a bit tired of building what was beginning to feel like my own version of WordPress from the ground-up. It seemed like all of the features that I wanted to implement on my site were already offered with WordPress. On top of that, WordPress is updated frequently by the user base community since it is open source. This means less time I have to spend tweaking my own site and more time I get to spend posting content that I know you’ll love. 😀

I’m going to try to leave my old website up, and the link for the old website will be the following when it is ready:
I’m still in the process of transferring all of the previous comments over for the old site. The other content such as Guitar stuff, Coding, etc. will be moved over as soon as possible and should be updated much more frequently!

I also have to find a way to keep my screenshot gallery tied in with the new site design! I’ll be working on all of this for the next little bit.

Stay tuned!

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