Exams are just around the corner

ncsuSo it’s almost time for final exams (only a couple of weeks), but I’m busy enough just getting through regular exams! I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I had originally intended, but things should mellow out and slow down in a couple weeks. I just finished on of my last regular exams.

That was a fun test…and I almost slept through it (I forced myself to get up, haha). I made myself stay up and study all night last night, but I finished studying around 6:00 am and decided to sleep for an hour. I woke up at 7:35 am, but it still left me plenty of time to get to class. I just like to look back over everything before an exam.

My professor is a really nice guy (C programming), but he seems to always work some errors into our tests. Every problem on the test is rewritten on the board to correct something. So annoying…and also the main reason I had to get glasses last year (I sit in the back with the anti-socials, lol).

Well, I’m off to finish some Discrete Mathematics homework and catch up on sleep.

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    Who do you have for C?

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    I have Matthias Stallmann. Who did you have?

    Stallmann seems like he is very nervous all the time, haha. Good guy though.

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    Oh boy, Stallmann. I had him for 116. I didn’t have any idea what I was doing back then, so I can’t really comment on his teaching, but yeah, you’re right about the seeming nervous thing, haha.

    I had Dr. Reeves for C…he was really cool. His tests were killer, but he’s a super nice guy and his lectures were actually pretty interesting.

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