College Years – Ending another semester

So I’ll be here at NC State until Monday, just finishing up some things. This semester has flown by so fast! I hope I can relax this weekend and get some time to myself, but everyday’s been busy for me lately with planned things and unplanned things.

I guess the one word that I chose to describe myself in my “Self-Imaging” post really is true, haha. Story of my life..being unscheduled.

Well, I added a forum to the blog so if you just want to chat with me you can. You can continually find the link in the column to the right. It is labeled “bbPress Forum“, which is also made by the same team that works on WordPress. They tied in nicely together, but it did take a bit of hacking and customization to get the appearances to match. I didn’t want it to seem like a completely different site, so I had to work on the style sheet and header a bit.

For now, you should check out the bbPress Forum and bookmark it! I’m planning to using it like a general chat, off-topic, whatever kind of board just for friends and visitors to talk in general with me. Hope you enjoy it!

I’m working on fitting a Photo Gallery in, but that will be just a little bit before it goes live. 😉

Hope everyone’s exams are going well! Good luck!

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