Two years strong now

Well, it’s now been two years to the day since my horrible accident. Two years, five surgeries, plenty of medications, too much resting and not enough vacationing. 😀

Well, I think the bulk of the whole ordeal is now pretty much over..well as soon as I get these stitches out of my leg (next Friday). I think there’s about ~40-45 stitches, but no staples this time, haha!

Well, I hope everyone is having fun this summer! I know I will be in a few weeks! Hopefully I’ll get to go to the beach some friends later in July! We’ll see.

What’s everyone else doing this summer besides working!?

4 thoughts on “Two years strong now”

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    I found out this week that both my roommates from Australia will be coming to Raleigh in August (party!!!!). I believe you’ve talked to both of them…the german, Christine, and the Aussie, Rhi. Well, we’re doing an east coast road trip when they come. Can’t wait! DC, NYC, Philly…and wherever else we end up!

    Glad you almost back in action. 5 surgeries…wow. I didn’t know it was that many. Have a great memorial day weekend.

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    If all goes according to plan, I will be visiting my best friend in South Korea in August! I am really exciting about that. I’m glad the surgery went well…hopefully we’ll see you soon!

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