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After a lot of work..and research..and back and forth communication with an ITEC member here at NC State, I was finally able to get Drupal installed and running on the EOS web server.

Unfortunately they have disabled many very useful features in the Apache server settings in order to eliminate potential security hazards.

As it turned out, all that I needed to do the whole time to get Drupal working (other than some permission modifications, creating new folders since Open Base Directory usage was restricted and a few others) was to temporarily rename or remove the .htaccess file.

After that the setup completed, the .htaccess file was restored and everything seems to be fine.

Now that Drupal is running I’ve had time to inspect the control panel and I really must say that Drupal is far from user friendly when compared to WordPress.

It was actually a little frustrating to navigate through and content posting tools were in my opinion less than useful. I expected to find a nice text editor similar to the one found in WordPress for posts or pages (TinyMCE), but as it turns out there is only a text area (resizable, woot).

Anyhoo, I now get to finish migrating content from the ACM/AITP web site into Drupal so it can be managed more efficiently and kept up-to-date.

Drupal offers a lot of modules which are basically like plug-ins and add new functionality and features to your site such as a calendar or whatever you need.

I haven’t really started working on the theme yet and probably won’t until I get all of the content migrated and general usability of the site complete, but I really hope that the themes are as simple to modify for Drupal as they are for WordPress.

I’ll post some pictures when I complete the site update…or something geeky. 😛

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    @Robert Douglass
    Excellent! I haven’t gotten around to adding many modules just yet, but I’ll be sure to try those!

    I have no problem with writing html in the pages that I create, but if I have the option of using something like TinyMCE then I’m definitely going to take it.

    I’m not sure why Drupal hasn’t already implemented this into the core download. Maybe just to promote the users to take advantage of modules…not sure, but many things could be made more user friendly by default in Drupal. I’m not saying make it just like WordPress, but first impressions are very important here.

    Maybe I can get used to working with Drupal enough to use it here..and eventually contribute to the project.

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    Agreed. Previously using PHP-Nuke, I went to Drupal, because it was an easy migration, and thought it was great compared to nuke.

    I’ve been using WordPress on some other sites and whole heartedly agree with your statements. Once I can find something that integrates with WordPress as a Message Board, I will hopefully be moving by Drupal to WordPress.

    My biggest frustration is with Drupal everything is an add on, out of the box it doesn’t do much. I comapre it to buying a house without doors, windows, roofs, etc and having to finish your self.

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