YouTube Ads

As you may have noticed already, YouTube has started rolling a few ads in some of the videos.

My first experience with these new ads came with a music video by Akon:

They aren’t really that obtrusive, but they are a little annoying after a little while. I mean, you’re there to watch the video right? Not to have it partially cut off by an advertisement that you couldn’t care less about. 😛

Unfortunately it seems as though the Internet is turning to ads more and more for videos and radio. Recently Pandora began streaming advertisements on their radio channels which were once pure music.

Obviously they must find a profitable strategy, but it’s sad to see that the Internet’s advertising is now worse than television advertising.

Personally, I’ve made an effort to keep all of my websites advertising free. I believe in clean and clear designs and that leaves no room for advertisements. They not only seem to hurt visitor counts and hits, but also destroy the overall appearance of your site.

Hopefully a cleaner alternative will find it’s way into our Internet in the near future. If not then we can always rely on our browser ad blockers. 😛

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