Managing A Music Collection

So I entered the 21st century a bit early and began ripping my cd collection to mp3’s long before a decent cd ripping tool was available to me.

You know, the kind that will label the tracks properly, organize them into a hierarchy that makes sense (such as Artist/Album/Track Number – Track Title), make sure that you’re not ripping duplicates from an artist (by ripping their individual albums and then their Greatest Hits albums), pour you a glass of milk and bake you some cookies, etc.

When I backed up my entire cd collection ages ago, I had to tag and sort most of the music myself. This worked well then since no one really had most of their music in mp3 collections (that I knew of) and there was no “good procedure” to organizing your music.

Now, I find myself deleting chunks of my library so that I can rip them again, this time with smarter tools. šŸ˜‰

One program that I’m beginning to use for those tracks that just need a little TLC is “MP3 Diags”. It seems to offer fixes for pretty much any problem that you have with your mp3 collection.

I’ve also been considering ripping my collection to ogg format or maybe even flac (lossless), but I’m still unable to justify the benefits when mp3 has served me so well thus far.

If you have any opinions or suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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    I am in the same boat as you. I would love to rip my music to lossless, but I have too many platforms I use to listen to music. Mp3 does the job for all of these.

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