Talks between Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

This is a collection of epic talks between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I claim all no credit for these comical pictures, but I’m too lazy to research the original authors so just enjoy..

I'm being sued.
Remember when...
Touch you.
Just to talk...
Killing Linux.
Windows inefficiencies...

If you have more, paste a link in the comments and I’ll credit you and add them!

One thought on “Talks between Steve Jobs & Bill Gates”

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    Awesome blog you have here. I especially like this post. I’ve just gotten back into the IT world myself (after being lost in the liberal arts realm), and started playing around with Linux now that I work at a Web hosting company. Been a fan of Opera as well since 1996 when I got my first computer (a 386 running Windows 3.1) and Opera was the only browser that actually ran well on that thing. Keep up the good work, I already use your WP-UserAgent plugin on my blog and appreciate your other contributions here.

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