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I just noticed the Priority Inbox feature being announced at the top of my Inbox in red today and decided to give this fascinating new feature a test drive. Surely you’ve heard the news, but if now, this should fill you in.

I was really hoping to give this feature a thorough test right away after hearing of it a couple of days ago, but unfortunately I keep my Inbox far to clean and have to wait until tomorrow morning to test it out for real.

As you can see, I didn’t have enough mail to truly test the new feature out. I usually go through around 100 message throughout the course of the day, but at this point I’d already filtered through them all. 🙁

I’m excited to try this out, as about 80% of the emails that I receive are skim-able and not all that dire. I like the idea of Gmail learning to sort these as you correct it from the beginning and am curious to see how well it works, but also a little concerned on privacy (thanks to my brother for the link!).

I’ve developed a sort of skill for parsing through the emails in my chaotic inbox every morning and am wondering if the new Priority Inbox will actually feel more chaotic, but I’m willing to give it a try for a while. Compare the Priority Inbox above to the regular Inbox below.

One of the best features of this new feature for me is that it doesn’t replace the regular Inbox. As you can see in the screenshots, you’re still able to select either view you prefer easily from the list on the left.

Now I’m curious. Have any of you used this feature yet? And if so, do you find it useful?

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    It sounds more useful if you’re just starting out than after you’ve already set up all kinds of filters. Besides you’ll still have to set up filters regardless (unless you want to risk the algorithm deciding a certain mail isn’t very important), so I kind of fail to see the point except when I’m doing a quick check on my phone. Except on my phone I’d use IMAP or Gmail Basic (mostly for bandwidth concerns, but also because my phone plain couldn’t handle Gmail).

    If I could set up a special important mail IMAP thing… that might be more interesting (though I don’t particularly see the difference with just using certain labels/folders as being more important than others as I already do).

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