My Heel Cord Lengthening Surgery (Part Deux)

Just an update to my first post, now with updated pictures of my staples (sensored, click to view the slight gore, but its not too bad) and new cast. 😛

Another 2-3 weeks in this rockin’ cast and I’ll be….oh yea, I’ll be in a walkable boot for 3-4 more weeks. 🙁

This pretty much finishes up my recovery surgeries, giving me a current count of seven and one minor cosmetic surgery early next year.

3 thoughts on “My Heel Cord Lengthening Surgery (Part Deux)”

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    I had bilateral heel cord lengthening about 3 years ago. I am now having problems again with plantar fasciatis in one foot and calf pain in the other leg. Just wondering if anyone else is experinecing these same symptoms

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