Polishing the Opera browser interface

One of Opera’s largest draw backs in my opinion is the lack of TLC (tender love and care) and polishing of the user interface. If you can manage to look paste the areas of Opera that seem to have difficult learning curves then you will find a beautiful browser that is capable of handling nearly any task you push it to.

That being said, I’d like to point out some user interface polishes that I would personally like to see incorporated into the browser. I would also like to make sure to state that I am in no way ranting about the Opera browser, but instead pointing out the most noticeable user interface flaws in hopes of improvement and attention to these areas. I actually use the Opera browser daily and as my main browser, so it’s important to me to see it progress and improve!

I’ll try to keep my list organized for maintaining later, so they are in no prioritized order. They’re just divided to make them easier for the both of us to find later. 😉

This post will be too long for a single page, so I’ll try to break up the content into the following order:

  • Introduction
  • Address Bar
  • Block(ed) Content
  • Skins
  • Speed Dial
  • Tab Bar
  • Widgets
  • Conclusion

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