Polishing the Opera browser interface

Address Bar

Address box drop down list via the arrow should include page titles. Have you ever noticed that when you just click the arrow on the right side of the address box that there are no page titles listed for previously typed urls? Depending on how you use the address bar, you may also find short phrases that you used as search input for Google or something similar. These should also indicate the page title of the search that was completed just like it were a direct url.

Address box list items are too short. I find that the difference in appearance between the address list in Firefox versus the address list in Opera is dramatic enough to call Opera implementation a poor design. The height of each item in the list is very small and could use some padding with a larger font as well. I also think that the design layout of the list in Firefox is very user friendly with the page title placed directly above the url with a clean appearance that doesn’t feel crammed.

Rewind and Fast Forward buttons should be removed by default. If you’ve ever used Opera then you probably noticed that there seem to be two back buttons and two forward buttons. This is actually not the case. The difference between the back-forward buttons and the rewind-fast forward buttons is extreme enough to cause navigation problems at times for new users. Since most people won’t be clicking on the fast forward button to go to the next page of an article and will instead click the next page link at the bottom of the article, these two buttons should be removed by default to minimize confusion. These can easily be added from the Appearance dialog at any point, but the people who don’t know how to add those buttons are most likely not going to be using in the first place. Others who use them should be familiar enough to drag and drop the buttons after installing Opera.

Opera should implement the “domain highlighting” technique that Internet Explorer 8 uses. It’s much easier to recognize a fake domain when the browser focuses your attention to the important part of the url. Comparing “http://myspace.com.com/” with the domain highlighting technique “http://myspace.com.com/” makes it easy to see how this technique could be a major help in helping keep the end user secure and safe.


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