Polishing the Opera browser interface

Block(ed) Content

Items listed in the “Blocked Content” window should have an option to enable or disable them without having to add or remove them each time. If check boxes were present to the left of each item, they could easily be check on and off thus helping the end user to temporarily disable any item that may cause problems or conflicts with a specific site or domain. Disabled items should appear in a different text color to indicate that they are not being used such as the following, “http://*.blocked.content.address/*“.

Blocked Content lists should be customizable to the extent of subscribing to a generated list and periodically updated. Several lists are already available throughout the Internet that can be used to eliminate unwanted ads and scripts from pages to clear the clutter and annoyances. These lists could easily be fetched by Opera to keep the list current and accurate to a user specified list or even a list provided by Opera to block and eliminate known hazardous urls and scripts.

Blocked Content items could also be listed with a use count. Listing the number of times that an specific block list item has be used by Opera would be a very informative way of showing the user how useful and effective this feature is in removing unwanted content.


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