Polishing the Opera browser interface

Tab Bar

The Tab Bar should be more visually assuring in the sense that the selected tab should visually blend into the Address Bar and show that it is directly tied to the set of controls and is without a doubt the current active tab. While the current default Opera skin shows a brightened tab to indicate which is selected, it is not as intuitive or sensible as tabs that visually and soundly show the tab’s actually relation to the page. Internet Explorer and Safari do great jobs of this visual confirmation. While the implementation in Firefox is a little less obvious than the others, it is still a far more matured design and much more obvious as to which tab is selected than Opera’s implementation.

The “New tab” button should respond to a click more like an actual button with a visual button press action. Currently this button in the Tab Bar has only a hover affect, but clicking it is about as visually pleasing to the eye as clicking on the background of a blank page. Although this detail seems small, it just may be an impressive improvement to the end users.


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