Akismet + phpBB3 = Clean Forums

Update: deprecated by phpBB 3.1+

I’ve dealt with spam registrations and spam posts for years now in an online forum that I host. Its a burden on the users and a burden on (especially) the owner. No one wants to use a forum that can’t seem to control spam and no one wants to have a daily routine of manually purging hundreds of posts and users either! That’s where Akismet comes into play. 😉

I’ve used it in combination with WordPress from the beginning and to-date it has blocked nearly 500k spam comments! I enjoy working with web stuff, but I enjoy hacking it together even more.. so I’ve put together a “mod” package that will harness the power of Akismet and its super easy to install! While it won’t take care of spam registrations (you’ll need something else for that), it should be able to dramatically curb spam posts!

What you need

  • A web server running at least PHP 5 with phpBB 3 installed (I do not support phpBB2 or lower).
  • An Akismet API Key (* Free for personal use, the donation bar DOES drop to $0, though donate if you wish).
  • My phpBB + Akismet Installation package
  • FTP Access to your phpBB server
  • 15-20 minutes for setup time

Steps to install

  1. Extract the phpBB + Akismet Installation package and upload the contents in the folder named “root” to the root of your phpBB3 forum.
  2. Follow the “Find and Replace” instructions located in the…. file.
  3. Update the Akismet-settings.php file with your own Akismet API key and other unique settings.


I spent a good deal of time searching the web for a ready made solution that I could use for myself. After coming up empty handed several times or not finding a tool that offered all of the features I expected, I decided to pull several resources together and make a solution myself.

That being said, I have to give a special thanks to the previous solutions, abandoned modifications, Akismet API and PHP implementation, etc. that I came across and pulled ideas and example code from.

Extra Resources

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