My name is Kyle Baker. I started kyleabaker.com as a web-log in 2005, but over the years I’ve developed it into much more.

Content that I post on this site ranges from typical blog posts to projects that I work on and share. Most of my projects are posted in the Coding section which is on the Goodies page (see menu). My projects are all licensed via GPL or Creative Commons, so feel free to grab the source code and extend on what I’ve done!

I’m also a strong supporter in Web Standards and do my best to help Open the Web. If you’re ever on IRC, you can usually find me in the Opera Snapshot (#snapshot) IRC channel.

I’ve also spent a great deal of time getting to learn the UNIX/Linux platform and even posted a great deal of “How-To” articles and guides throughout my site if you’re interested in looking through them.

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    Nice site! You got lots of good info here! This is kinda like what I was wanting to do. You’ve got about 6 years of history that is like SEO gold here. Too bad there is some cartoonist out there with the same name sealing the Kyle Baker SEO juice!

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      Haha, thanks! I often find my site in google searches where I’ve answered my own questions. šŸ™‚ SEO gold…it’s like money in the bank!

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    Thank’s live in BRasil. Your script plymouth-resolution-fix.sh success

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