John Mayer – Bold As Love (Live, Stripped Sessions)

One of my friends, Kyle Phelps, pointed this song version out to me noting that at 2:03 in the video John’s solo is sweet so I had to take a look. It most certainly is a great solo, so now you can check it out too!

It’d be great to see John Mayer cover more Jimi Hendrix songs, but for now the many different takes he has on Bold As Love will do. 😀

Guitars: Fender Stratocaster

guitarAs old as the Fender Stratocaster is, it has to be the most beautiful guitar that I’ve ever seen. (I know I’ve linked this video several times, but it’s a great one! :P) The guitar that Stevie Ray plays is one of the most beautiful guitars I’ve ever seen. It may looked too used or worn to you, but that could mean one of two things:

  1. You don’t play guitar.
  2. You’re not a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan

The Fender Stratocaster is the guitar that Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix and most all guitarists play! This is one of the finest guitars ever made! What’s even more funny to me is that most of you will think that all Fender Stratocaster are the same, while in reality they are all very different! Sure, the body of the guitar has the same shape, but they all play very differently! I own two Fender Stratocaster and yes they do both play very differently. It’s almost like playing a guitar that isn’t the same style at all! They can be modified to fit your needs. Any who, without further ado, I present to you…Stevie Ray Vaughan..playing Voodoo Chile (Slight Return):

I know I’ve posted this video several times, but I can’t get enough of it and I hope you can’t either!

While we’re on the subject, what is your favorite guitar or guitarist? Or, if you don’t have an answer for either of those..who is your favorite band? (answer all three if you want!)

Stevie Ray Vaughan

guitarI just can’t get enough of this song..and I hope that everyone who reads this will just turn down their lights and turn their speakers all the way up and just feel the blues in this music..

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Voodoo Chile (slight return)

tevie Ray Vaughan gives me a reason to wake up and breathe every morning. He is the king of the blues in my book and one of my favorite guitarist of all time. Give Stevie a chance. He can’t ask that now cause he died in a very sad accident, but I’m here to shift you toward his style in his honor, lol. But seriously…Stevie is amazing!@(*&*$@#

So remember, lights down, speakers max’ed out, attitude free……

G3 Tour at Myrtle Beach House of Blues!

Hey everyone! I just got back from the G3 Tour early this morning. The show was from 8pm-12am on Saturday 31st of March, 2007 at The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC.

G3 Tour

Here is the line up of guitarists that we saw..

Joe Satriani
joe satriani

John Petrucci
john petrucci

Paul Gilbert
paul gilbert was an awesome show. I took some pictures with my camera phone. I’ll try to upload them as soon as I get them transfered off my phone. I’ve just gotta figure out how to hook it up to my pc and transfer so I don’t spend $0.25 for every picture, haha.

To be continued…

Busy busy..

I’ve been busy busy this week! I haven’t had a lot of time to add to the site, but I have filed several bugs at the opera bug wizard. Hey they fix them soon, but you never know how soon/long it will take cause they don’t have a proper tracker installed. It’s just a submission tool. 🙁

I guess I could just make my own here, hehe, and have people post but reports here that they have posted on the bug submission tool so we can track the bug report and status..letting the submitter edit/update the submission. If anyone has any suggestions just drop them in the comments section!

So I was playing guitar a bit yesterday and I finally got around to transferring some music videos that I found on youtube to my 30gb video iPod. It was very easy with the ‘SUPER’ video converter program that I found here (use the Mirror link to download). The videos I got were of Eric Clapton and Robert Cray playing the song ‘Old Love’ and also Stevie Ray Vaughan playing ‘Voodoo Chile’ which is originally a Jimi Hendrix cover (I like Stevie’s version more tho, lol)…
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Voodoo Chile (slight return)

So this is the song that I’m currently trying to master (Stevie’s version anyway, lol). I need to start adding more stuff to the site don’t I!? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section! I’m off..

New guitar!

Hey all,
I just bought a new guitar the other day! Got it on, haha. Was a good deal and is a sweet guitar! It is a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster with Crimson Transparent paint! Here is the discription from the page..

Premium alder or ash body, one-piece maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 25.5 in. scale, Bi-Flex truss rod, Micro-Tilt neck adjustment, Fender Deluxe locking tuners, 22 medium-jumbo frets, Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups, 5-way switch, Deluxe 2-point synchronized tremolo, Schaller Straplock ready. Near Mint condition with light fret wear, some of the gold lettering on 2 of the pickups has rubbed off, picking scratches on pickguard, some light surface scratches in gloss on front and back, and a small area near input jack with pin-tip pricks in gloss. Comes with tremelo arm and Fender molded case.

..and some pictures to complete the post, lol..
Maybe those give you a pretty good idea of how beautiful she is, haha. It should arrive at home on Friday the 23rd Feb, 2007.