New wheels for my ride..

So I bought some new wheels for my 1995 BMW 325is. I found them on eBay for a really good price. They’ll be changing my ride from 15″ wheels to 17″ wheel and should look much better!

I went with the M-split wheels, which cost ~$1,999.99 from Here are some pictures of the wheels that I bought..

bmw m-split wheels
bmw m-split wheels
bmw m-split wheels
bmw m-split wheels

They should be here in another week or so. Can’t wait!


How many of you are regular forum visitors? You’ve probably seem many users who have small images in their signatures that make them a little unique.

You can get these signature images from!

They have thousands of contributed signature images! Just do a search for anything that defines you!

Here are a few of my favorites..
photoshop cs3
trillian astra