Color/Hue IQ Test

I came across a cool little color test yesterday thanks to and got around to taking the test today. My scores were a little surprising, but I’m not complaining.

I took the test once and apparently I have perfect color vision. Here are some screenshots:

You should try the test. It took me about 10-15 minutes to just go through them and order the samples. It starts to do a number on your eyes, but it’s interesting in the end. 😉

An auspicious day in the history of Steve Jobs.

I came across an interesting read today at that was focused on Steve Jobs…just for the day.

Sept. 16, 1985: Jobs Quits Apple
Sept. 16, 1997: Jobs Rejoins Apple
Sept. 16: It’s an auspicious day in the history of Steve Jobs. It’s the day he quit Apple and the day he returned.

I wonder if we can expect Steve Jobs to leave the company again on Sept. 16, 2009 (a 12 year period equal to how long he quit the first time). Probably not. 😛 Anyways, this article has some other interesting facts about Steve Jobs and this particular topic.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

guitarI just can’t get enough of this song..and I hope that everyone who reads this will just turn down their lights and turn their speakers all the way up and just feel the blues in this music..

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Voodoo Chile (slight return)

tevie Ray Vaughan gives me a reason to wake up and breathe every morning. He is the king of the blues in my book and one of my favorite guitarist of all time. Give Stevie a chance. He can’t ask that now cause he died in a very sad accident, but I’m here to shift you toward his style in his honor, lol. But seriously…Stevie is amazing!@(*&*$@#

So remember, lights down, speakers max’ed out, attitude free……

Steve Perry – Oh, Sherrie

This is one of my favorite songs. I just had to share it with you all since I came across it on YouTube. This song takes me back to the day…

Steve Perry – Oh, Sherrie

Lyrics to sing along..


Today I am presenting to you a new word that I myself have coined and used on the Internet. This will be the first public place that I have spread the brand new word. Don’t be surprised if you see if catch on and be the new cool word. This word hasn’t been used before now at all in the history of man-kind! Google currently has no trace of the word ever existing on the web. You’ll soon realize that great things can come from small sites. 😉 This word is a tricky one to use. You don’t want to over use it or you will ruin its worth all together. If you feel you are capable of not self destructing from over excitement and anticipation for using the word, then see below for more details..


studnessity [stud-ness-ity] (noun) – an occasion of extreme necessity to freely expose any and all forms of sex (a.k.a. stud) appeal possible in order to gain a higher level of social rank.Used in a sentence:
0w, I didn’t realize I was so hott. I need to learn to control my studness and use it only for a studnessity occasion. 😉

Disclaimer: studnessity is not to be overly used or abused at parties or social gatherings. Claiming to have coined this phrase yourself will result in a law suit slapped on your ass. This word is DRM protected and is not to be distributed among foreign groups or gatherings without the authors consent. Failing to follow these rules and regulations will result in a minimum sentence of life in prison. Thank you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this humorous blog post. Feel free to leave a comment or remark! See you next time.

Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston -> Kiss

Some of you may be following the sitcom Dirt to airs on FX. The first season’s finale aired Tuesday, March 27, 2007. wrote and article about it here.

If you missed the highlight of this season finale then you’re in luck!

Courtney Cox & Jennifer Aniston Kiss – Dirt