Gaining in on Election day here in the U.S.A.

I hope everyone is going to get out to vote early tomorrow if you haven’t already via absentee ballot or early voting.

Also, I came across an interesting article entitled “Vote (Even If They Say You Can’t)” on It’s worth reading if you haven’t already voted just in case you run into the same situation! Know your rights!

Here’s a good chart to see what is allowed for absentee ballots and early voters for future reference.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone plans to drive safe and have a great night and if you’re going to be on Hillsborough Street tonight then call me and we can meet up and hang out!

Be safe and call a cab if you need to. Don’t be ashamed to call a cab. 😉 We all have to at one point or another!

Post some Halloween pictures here if you want..or at least let me know what you’re dressing up as!

Best wishes to everyone tonight and have a fun filled evening!!

This also makes 31 days that I’ve posted on my blog in a row! That’s an entire month of my opinions and garbage, but I’m glad to see that everyone is still standing by to see what’s next! Happy Halloween and have a fantastic evening! Check out my old Halloween post to learn about the history of Halloween!

Trick or Treat? I say treat.

Hurricane Kyle

Kyle, which formed Thursday east of the Bahamas, was moving north Sunday morning.
Kyle, which formed Thursday east of the Bahamas, was moving north Sunday morning.

So apparently I’m famous yet again! Hurricane Kyle is making it’s way towards the US and Canada.

Kyle, a Category 1 hurricane, is forecast to make landfall late Sunday or early Monday near the border between Maine and Canada.

As of 11 a.m. Sunday, Kyle’s center was about 140 miles (225 kilometers) east-southwest of Nantucket, Massachusetts, and 355 miles (570 kilometers) southwest of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the National Hurricane Center said.

The storm formed Thursday east of the Bahamas.

Kyle’s maximum sustained winds were near 80 mph (130 kph), with higher gusts. The winds had strengthened since Saturday night, when maximum sustained winds were barely above hurricane strength at about 75 mph, forecasters said.

A Category 1 storm has winds from 74 to 95 mph.

Kyle was moving north Sunday morning at near 24 mph and was expected “to pass east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and the coast of Maine later today and tonight,” the forecasters said.

It’s been a long while since the last Hurricane Kyle. Maybe this one will be more memorable, but in a safe way. 😉

Happy 4th of July – Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone made plans to celebrate! I’ll be celebrating in my home town..maybe with my family.

I hope to hear some awesome stories about everyone’s 4th experience this year, haha. Don’t get too hungover though…where ever you are, you best be celebrating my birthday on the 5th! Big Two-Two, haha. I’m going to be “old” in less than 24 hours. You know…21 is great…after that it’s all down hill, lol.

Well, off to sleep to prepare for my favorite holiday of the year! Oh and the watermelon is an essential piece of the fun…so everyone indulge in as much watermelon as you can! Maybe popcorn too, but be responsible. Don’t eat and drink.

Kyle Baker’s Still Alive..yay..

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me out over the past year since my accident on May 23, 2006. Today marks my 1 year anniversary of being alive after a near death experience, so yea…

Thanks to everyone who called and visited while I was in the hospital..and everyone who came to visit me at home..sent cards/letters…everyone who prayed for me and thought about me.


Feel free to leave a comment! 😉