Simple Perl Web Server

Download (Not available at this time, coming soon!)

This Simple Perl Web Server was a project that I had to do for my CSC-255 Perl class at N.C. State University (Due April 3rd, 2008 by 11:45 pm). It works by basically opening a port when started via the command prompt or terminal. You can specify the port yo use as well.

After opening the port, the “web server” that is now open is everything that is located in the root directory of the application. I plan to change this in the future by adding a simple and short configuration file that will allow you to specify a root directory as well as setting the port to automatically use if none are requested at the command prompt.

After the server is started, you can open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:80/ where “80” is the default port that browsers typically try to connect to unless otherwise specified. If you use something other than “80” then simply replace “80” with the port number you chose.

Initially, if you have no index.htm or index.html file in the root folder or sub-folders, it will show a list of files (or lack there of) in the root folder.

Another option that I plan to add to it is the preference of the default file types and names to look for when opening a directory or root. For example, as I mentioned earlier index.htm and index.html are the two default files to load on any website. The administrator can however edit these to be for instance: index.php, home.html, my-song.mp3 (prompts a download), (prompts download), etc.

You will also be able to use a preferred order to list the order that the server should serve the pages in. For instance, if you have index.htm and index.html, you could set the default page to send to be “index.html, index.htm” where it would send index.html if it is available even if index.htm is available as well. Or changing the order would serve them in a different order.

I’ll try to upload the server ASAP and post some more instructions and directions for using it. Hopefully I can improve on it more over time. I plan to license this Simple Perl Web Server under the GNU General Public License so you will be able to use it freely and alter the code and make any modifications that you wish to make without worrying about getting into any trouble.

I’d also like to receive updates and/or patches to this simple project anytime and from anyone! If you have something you’d like to send me to incorporate it into the Official download-able version here then grab my contact information from the About page (link at the top) and just attach it in an email! I’ll be sure to add your name and contact if you wish in the program. So if you want to have credit to you added to the program then make sure you send it! I’m willing to add the following:

  • -Name
  • -Email
  • -Website

So send it in along with any kind of patch or progress that you’ve made!


Alpha 1 (2008-04-03):
This is the initial release and is probably very unstable.



  1. Brief
  2. Software
  3. Opera Widgets
  4. Other Tools


I’ve uploaded a lot of little programs and coding projects that I’ve done in the past for fun and school. Feel free to browse! The languages used vary, but I’ve listed them with each project. You’ll see everything from web based programming/scripting languages (html, css, php, perl, javascript [aka ECMAScript]) to os application languages (c, c++, vb, asm, java).


Opera Media Player

  • Language:HTML+Javascript
  • This is a project that I started way back in April 2007. It’s essentially a webpage that has elements laid out on the page to make it appear nearly identical to WinAmp. My goal in making this media player is to successfully make and release a web based media player.
  • See More…

Power Hour

  • Language: Visual Basic 2008
  • Here is an application that I’ve been coding in Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. It’s pretty much just a party media player that DJ’s for you. I posted about it a while back when I first uploaded it. Check it out and enjoy.
  • See More…

Simple Perl Web Server

  • Language: Perl
  • This is a simple web server that I had to write for a Perl class at school. It’s very simple, not very advanced. It’s not a replacement for other servers such as Apache, but it is a good example of how they work and how to fetch an web page.
  • See More…

Opera Widgets


  • 911tabs widget is a search tool that can be used to search for guitar tabs, guitar pro tabs, power tabs, bass tabs, piano tabs, and drum tabs on You can also view freshly submited tabs or updates as well as the top 100 tabs.
  • See More…

Google Translator

  • Translate text directly in the widget or translate a web page. Uses a theme based off of gmail’s theme!
  • See More…

Lava Lamp

  • This is a fun lava lamp that you can leave on your desktop! It is a direct response to a widget request that was made here.
  • See More…

Opera Desktop Team – Latest Snapshots

Opera Uptime

  • This widget displays Opera’s Uptime in a fairly compact, nice and clean way.
  • See More…


  • Ultimate-Guitar is a tool that you can use to search and browse for guitar tabs by song name or by artist/band name. You can also search through the sites collections of News, Reviews, Columns, Lessons, Band Promos and Users.
  • See More…

Other Tools Link Parser

  • Link Parser is a simple and short html+javascript file that I wrote to parse links for the “Interesting Feeds” that I post in my bbPress forum.
  • See More…


  • WP-TwitterBadge is a simple plugin that allows you to display a Twitter “Follow” Badge on your site or blog.
  • See More…


  • WP-UserAgent is a WordPress plugin that will display browser and operating system versions from people who comment on your WordPress website!
  • See More…



  1. Brief
  2. BMX
  3. Coding
  4. Guitar
  5. Microsoft Royale Theme (MCE)
  6. Microsoft Windows Official Embedded Theme XP and 2003
  7. Movies
  8. Online Alarm Clock
  9. Opera
  10. Screenshots


And here are the Goodies, the good stuff, the pot of gold. Yea…so below is a list of some different stuff that you can find here that isn’t standing out in the header. 😀


  • This is an archive of old BMX pictures and video clips that were taken years ago of me and my friends. It’s mainly just here for archival purposes. Hopefully I can restore the old website, “” and upload it for fun!
  • See More…


  • This is an index of several of the coding projects that I’ve started and maintain just as a hobby. Most of the projects have available code that is licensed under the GPL License.
  • See More…


  • This is a collection of guitar related information, etc. Not much right now, lets hope this changes soon.
  • See More…

Microsoft Royale Theme (MCE)

  • This is the theme used in Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition. A download and installation instructions are available on this page.
  • See More…

Microsoft Windows Official Embedded Theme XP and 2003

  • This is the theme used in Microsoft Windows Embedded for XP and 2003. A download and installation instructions are available on this page.
  • See More…


  • This is a list of movies that I own and/or have seen. Netflix is spoiling me. 😀 Remind me to update this soon. 😉
  • See More…

Online Alarm Clock

  • This is an online alarm clock that saves alarms for users. Alarm types include opening a web page, playing google and youtube videos, traditional alarm clock buzz and more! The code is open source (GNU General Public License v3) and can be found at:
  • See More…


  • This is a collection of Opera related information. I need to basically update all of this and use an rss method for the Desktop team instead of manually grabbing the data. We’ll see what happens with this. It may just become a tutorial section!
  • See More…


  • This is a gallery of screenshots that I’ve taken and collected over the past few years. It serves no purpose other than nerdy entertainment. 😛
  • See More…



  1. BMX Pictures
  2. BMX Videos
  3. Web Site

BMX Pictures

This is an archive of old BMX pictures that were taken long ago. They are broken down into who is captured in the picture and are very random (and classic looking, lol). Enjoy.

BMX Videos

This is an archive of several old BMX videos that I had saved on my computer for years!

*Currently a bug with WordPress isn’t allowing the video galleries to be attached to the pages below so they are blank for the moment, but I will look further into this and see if I can get them working as the Pictures (above) are. Web Site (not yet uploaded) is no longer hosted at that web address. I have saved all of the content from the original site and it can be found using the links below:

  • Original site
  • Validated site


My name is Kyle Baker. I started as a web-log in 2005, but over the years I’ve developed it into much more.

Content that I post on this site ranges from typical blog posts to projects that I work on and share. Most of my projects are posted in the Coding section which is on the Goodies page (see menu). My projects are all licensed via GPL or Creative Commons, so feel free to grab the source code and extend on what I’ve done!

I’m also a strong supporter in Web Standards and do my best to help Open the Web. If you’re ever on IRC, you can usually find me in the Opera Snapshot (#snapshot) IRC channel.

I’ve also spent a great deal of time getting to learn the UNIX/Linux platform and even posted a great deal of “How-To” articles and guides throughout my site if you’re interested in looking through them.

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