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I’ve uploaded a lot of little programs and coding projects that I’ve done in the past for fun and school. Feel free to browse! The languages used vary, but I’ve listed them with each project. You’ll see everything from web based programming/scripting languages (html, css, php, perl, javascript [aka ECMAScript]) to os application languages (c, c++, vb, asm, java).


Opera Media Player

  • Language:HTML+Javascript
  • This is a project that I started way back in April 2007. It’s essentially a webpage that has elements laid out on the page to make it appear nearly identical to WinAmp. My goal in making this media player is to successfully make and release a web based media player.
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Power Hour

  • Language: Visual Basic 2008
  • Here is an application that I’ve been coding in Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. It’s pretty much just a party media player that DJ’s for you. I posted about it a while back when I first uploaded it. Check it out and enjoy.
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Simple Perl Web Server

  • Language: Perl
  • This is a simple web server that I had to write for a Perl class at school. It’s very simple, not very advanced. It’s not a replacement for other servers such as Apache, but it is a good example of how they work and how to fetch an web page.
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Opera Widgets


  • 911tabs widget is a search tool that can be used to search for guitar tabs, guitar pro tabs, power tabs, bass tabs, piano tabs, and drum tabs on You can also view freshly submited tabs or updates as well as the top 100 tabs.
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Google Translator

  • Translate text directly in the widget or translate a web page. Uses a theme based off of gmail’s theme!
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Lava Lamp

  • This is a fun lava lamp that you can leave on your desktop! It is a direct response to a widget request that was made here.
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Opera Desktop Team – Latest Snapshots

Opera Uptime

  • This widget displays Opera’s Uptime in a fairly compact, nice and clean way.
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  • Ultimate-Guitar is a tool that you can use to search and browse for guitar tabs by song name or by artist/band name. You can also search through the sites collections of News, Reviews, Columns, Lessons, Band Promos and Users.
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Other Tools Link Parser

  • Link Parser is a simple and short html+javascript file that I wrote to parse links for the “Interesting Feeds” that I post in my bbPress forum.
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  • WP-TwitterBadge is a simple plugin that allows you to display a Twitter “Follow” Badge on your site or blog.
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  • WP-UserAgent is a WordPress plugin that will display browser and operating system versions from people who comment on your WordPress website!
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