911tabs911tabs widget is a search tool that can be used to search for guitar tabs, guitar pro tabs, power tabs, bass tabs, piano tabs, and drum tabs on 911tabs.com.

You can also view freshly submitted tabs or updates as well as the top 100 tabs.

Download the latest stable version from Opera’s official widget website.

Compatibility: Opera 9+
Last Updated: 2008-06-13 @ 01:05
Latest Version: v1.08Download
Latest Beta: v1.9pre2Download



  • Added a “?” button to toggle the about information and placed it next to the close button.
  • The old about button (button with an arrow in the bottom right) now toggles the results to appear and disappear.
  • Adjusted width and height in the config.xml file to better fit the dimensions of the widget.
  • Cleaned plenty of old and sloppy javascript.
  • Moved the favicon.ico image from the root to the images folder.
  • Deleted the preview image inside of the archive to free more space since it is never used anywhere (it was once suggested, but is now just a waste of space).
  • Uses inline styling to fix the width of the input and search elements in the widget so it would appear the same across all platforms.
  • Adjusted the font-family used for text. Arial is now used since it is now very common.
  • Adjusted the font-size used for various parts of text in the widget so text fits better.


  • Added a close button.
  • Removed all tables and fixed the elements on the widget with absolute positioning.
  • Removed a couple images and compressed the png images again (most compressed to ~97% of their previous size).
  • Tweaked the results container to handle results with multiple pages better. Now all pages (listed at the bottom of the results when more than one page is needed) will reload the results directly in the widget for all of the result pages.
  • Added jQuery 1.2.6 (jquery-1.2.6.min.js) to add better effects.
  • Minimizing the widget now causes the body (main part of the widget and the search results) to fade out. Restoring causes them to fade in.
  • Opening and closing the results container causes the container to slide up and down in a cooler way.
  • Corrected a tiny graphic error on the main body background image. The curved section that ties into the tag/logo is now smoother.
  • Cleaned up a lot of the Javascript code and removed/shortened some functions that I hadn’t optimized yet (still in the process of optimizing everything).
  • Added some widget preferences. Minimized state is saved, so if you have the widget minimized when you close it…it will open minimized again. Search preference for showing the results inside the widget are currently hard-coded in, but eventually an option will be available to pop-out the results if the user chooses to do so.
  • Removed as many useless variables as possible to reduce the footprint (lol, like there is much of one anyways).
  • Added a check to make sure that widget.showNotification() is supported so it doesn’t cause problems when it’s used. It’s now used to notify the user that an update is available on startup each time.
  • Planning some improvements to the results window…a better layout and look…


  • Added internal searching capability! This is an initial release with the internal search capability, so if you find a bug please let me know.
  • Added version checker! The update status will now tell you when there is a newer version!
  • Filesize: 50kb!


  • Filesize reduced from 108kb to 45kb!
  • Debugged/Validated Javascript Code!
  • 100% Valid HTML Code as well!


  • Sing-in and Register links added to interface.
  • Check Updates link added to about panel. Trouble with validating continues.

1.05 – (Not available at this time)

  • Corrected Caps Error in drop down list.
  • Added Top 100 button to interface to allow quick access to top 100 songs submitted.
  • Corrected some alignment issues.
  • Attempted to validate the html code, but I’m having a few problems. If anyone would care to take a look at the html and let me know what the errors are caused from please do so. The code appears correct to me.


  • Not available at this time.


  • Not available at this time.


  • Not available at this time.


  • Not available at this time.


  • Not available at this time.

If you find any bugs please email me or post them in the comments below. Thanks!

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