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A little bit about Opera

The Opera browser, which was started way back in 1994, is one of the most standards compliant browsers in the world. What this essentially means is that, Opera follows rules (standards) that are provided by groups such as W3C and WHATWG. These rules tell web browsers such as Opera how to process and interpret web-pages and other web languages.

It is very important that these standards exist! Without them, the web would be an absolute mess and the browser wars would never end. That’s not to say that competition isn’t good for the progression of a product. However, when it comes to poor standards compliance among other browsers and problems rendering common pages, monopolies are created and we all know that a monopolized market is never good.

The Opera browser (which used to cost a small fee or was available free with the use of banner advertisements inside of the application) is now completely free! The features that are offered in Opera by default with no extra installations required far out-weigh those available in any other browser.

Opera has a fantastic community of satisfied and friendly users! If you’re interested in Opera and/or have any questions then you should turn to the community! The Opera community can offer you solutions to your problems or questions and also be a great place to just socialize with friends, family and friendly strangers who are also Opera fans!

Blog Posts

To view a list of all of my Opera related posts and pages just check-out the following links:


This is a list of Opera bugs that I’ve reported, just so I can keep track of them.

If you want to report your own bugs then you can do that using the official Opera Bug Report Wizard.

If you want to keep track of Opera bugs that are reported then you can follow them at Remco’s Public BTS. You can also have bugs that you report to the official Opera Bug Report Wizard reported to the public BTS. Information about that can be found at the top of the page at Remco’s Public BTS.

Use the Opera + Inspector Launcher script that I’ve written to make your life easier when it comes to catching bugs in Opera!

Download old versions

I’ve been trying to keep my own archive of Opera versions and I thought others might want to either test an older version or archive them as well. I also archived snapshots for a long time, but I had hard drive failure problems a while back and lost the archive. If I can get them back then I will add them as well.


I’ve been attempting to maintain a list of useful Opera links for sometime now. If you’re looking for some information about Opera that you couldn’t find anywhere else, you might be able to find a link here.

Links are broken into categories to make browsing easier. If you can’t find something that you’re looking for then let me know in the comments and I’ll see if I can find it for you or if you’ve already found it then I can add it to the list for others!


This is just a collection of images that I’ve uploaded. It contains all of the various Opera logos that I’ve found throughout the Internet. I just wanted to bring them to one central place in hopes that it would spark some creative ideas in all of you people out there.

Opera is in desperate need of a “cool” logo and a “cool” default theme for all those who choose Firefox instead of Opera, because of it’s default “cool” factor.


These are Opera screensavers that I made a long time ago. They are kind of interesting and worth a glance. They are for Microsoft Windows only (sorry no Mac or Unix version).


This is a collection of Opera skins that I’ve either created or modified. You can also find a list of my favorite skins that are hosted on the official Opera skins page.

User JavaScript (UserJS)

User JavaScript (UserJS) files are scripts that add features and capabilities to Opera such as Spell Checking, Google Image thumbnails link directly to image and bypass the frame window, play high-quality YouTube videos, etc.

These scripts are freely available throughout the web and are simple to install (although, not as simple as I would hope šŸ˜‰ ). I’ve put together a some guide that steps you through the process of setting up User JavaScript files in Opera as well as a list of most of my favorite User JavaScript files.


I have put together several Opera Widgets that you can use as you please. To learn more about these widgets, you can go to my coding page which contains links and information about the widgets that I made. My Opera Widgets coding page can be found in:

If you want to see my Opera Widgets on the official Opera Widgets site then you can find them at:


I think these are self explanatory, but just in case..the lists that I link to below are features and options that I would like to see implemented into Opera.

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