Linux: Easy Opera + Inspector Launcher

Opera + Inspector Launcher

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This is a simple script that launches Opera and Inspector at the same time so you can catch crash-logs painlessly in Linux.

Follow the installation instructions in the INSTALL.txt file (contents copied below):

Author: Kyle Baker (kyleabaker)
Description: Script Opera and Inspector to run together from a single icon.
Version: 2009-06-22


Instructions to install this script are listed below. If you have any questions and/or comments please let me
know! You can find my contact information at the homepage listed above.


1. Place the “Inspector” folder (with all of it’s contents) in a place that can leave it such as in your home folder.
You may need/want to rename this folder to “Inspector”, but you can name it anything you wish.
example: /home/username/Inspector

2. Open a terminal window, navigate to the new Inspector folder (assuming you saved it in the above mentioned location):

$ cd ~/Inspector

3. Make the setup script executable so it can create a shortcut for you on your desktop as well as making the other
required scripts and binaries executable:

$ chmod +x ./
$ sh ./

4. Done!


* After the setup file completes you can drag and drop the new desktop icon into a panel if you wish. You now have a quick
way to start Opera and Inspector from a single icon!
* If you would like to use a different icon, just open the properties dialog for the shortcut and change it. A more default
looking icon is packaged in the “/Inspector/icons” folder.
* If you ever move the “/Inspector” folder, simply re-run the script and a new shortcut will be created.
* Crashlogs will be saved in the appropriate folder depending on your platforms architecture (x86 or x86_64).
* Inspector is started in the background with no terminal window. If you wish to use a terminal window, simply edit the
desktop shortcut that is created on line #31 to equal “true” where it says “Terminal=false” (ignore the quotations here).
If you enable the terminal window, closing the terminal window will close Opera and Inspector.
* This scripting trick should be able to run from a usb drive or other similar storage devices assuming you have run the
setup script to create the desktop shortcuts. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Inspector are packaged with this script.
The script launches the version based on the architecture being used, so you will not have to edit or change anything
between 32-bit and 64-bit computers. Crashlogs will also be sorted according to the platform.
* More information about Inspector for Linux:

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