UserJS: Netflix Watch Instantly Time Counter

Netflix Watch Instantly Time Counter

Latest version: 2009-09-14Download

Netflix Watch Instantly Time Counter is a User Javascript file that calculates the total viewing time that you’ve spent watching movies with Netflix Watch Instantly.

Without this user javascript installed:

With this user javascript isntalled:

If you’ve never used User Javascript in Opera before, then just save this script (linked to above) to your computer and follow these installation instructions.

You will most likely need to enable userjs for https or secure connections before this script will work. To do this, you simply copy and paste “opera:config#UserPrefs|UserJavaScriptonHTTPS” into your address bar (without the quotations). Make sure that “User JavaScript on HTTPS” is enabled (checked), then click save and close the page. When you reload the Netflix page it should work.

The changelog is appended to the end of the script each time it is updated. Hope you enjoy!

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