Beach break from school for the weekend

I just got back from a two day break to Myrtle Beach.

Although the weather wasn’t great for swimming outdoors, it was still great to be able to take a weekend away from school and relax.

Several hours in the sand, throwing frisbee and going out to eat a few times turned out to be a lot of fun!

Hope everyone was able to have a good weekend with out. 😉

Summertime vacation at the beach..

Well, I’ve taken a few days to just relax at the beach. I’m currently in Wilmington just relaxing and about to go out to the hotel pool for a few hours. Just thought I would write something short and quick to keep my readers updated.

Hopefully I can go surfing soon and take some good pictures…maybe as good as the ones where *someone* went sand boarding and fell down the entire hill, haha. That will be me on a surf board for sure. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves!

Talk to you all later.