Happy Birthday Me!

Haha, I just had to. 😛 So today is my 22nd Birthday! I’m just now to the point where every birthday becomes more and more of a disappointment, lol. It’s cool up to 21, but after that nothing special happens and you’re only getting older.

Hopefully I can make something fun happen!

Well, eight more birthday’s until I’m officially getting old. I’ve got to make the most of my birthday’s before then, haha, so wish me luck! 😀

Happy leap year

globeHey everyone! Just wanted to say Happy “Leap year” today! February 29, 2008! Also, Happy Birthday today to those of you who are Feb. 29th babies! 😀

veryone should make a good memory today! It only comes once every four years you know. 😉

A person born on February 29 may be called a “leapling” or “leaper”[10]. In common years they usually celebrate their birthdays on 28 February or 1 March.

For legal purposes, their legal birthdays depend on how different laws count time intervals. In Taiwan, for example, the legal birthday of a leapling is 28 February in common years, so a Taiwanese leapling born on February 29, 1980 would have legally reached 18 years old on February 28, 1998.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leap_year#Birthdays

Jessica’s 21st Birthday

cakeFirst of all, Happy 21st Birthday Jessica!

Just wanted to post a public happy birthday message for you! Hope you’ve lived up the day! Just for fun, here is a list of other famous birthdays on the same day (I know we talked about one of them last night)!

February 12:
12 – Feb – 1993 Jennifer Stone (15)
12 – Feb – 1980 Christina Ricci (28)
12 – Feb – 1974 Naseem Hamed (34)
12 – Feb – 1955 Arsenio Hall (53)
12 – Feb – 1953 Joanna Kerns (55)
12 – Feb – 1950 Steve Hackett (58)
12 – Feb – 1939 Ray Manzarek (69)
12 – Feb – 1938 Judy Blume (70)
12 – Feb – 1934 Bill Russell (74)
12 – Feb – 1926 Joe Garagiola (82)
12 – Feb – 1923 Franco Zeffirelli (85)
12 – Feb – 1917 Dom DiMaggio (91)
12 – Feb – 1915 Lorne Greene (93)
12 – Feb – 1904 Ted Mack (104)
12 – Feb – 1809 Charles Darwin (199)
12 – Feb – 1809 Abraham Lincoln (199)

Source: http://www.famousbirthdays.com/feb.html

Let me know if there are others as well. Happy Birthday again!

Hannah’s Birthday Beat

Here’s a little treat for everyone and especially Hannah for her 21st birthday! It’s a little skit that her friends performed for her at her party. (Thanks Sara for the video! 😀 ) Here are the lyrics:

in west of Raleigh born and raised
outside in nature she spent most of her days
chillin’ out, learnin’ bout trees all cool
to NC State she goes to school
When a few of her friends who can rap so good
Brought this birthday beat to her neighborhood
She turns twenty one today, the bars should be scared
That their liquor and beer will dry out from here to there
We whistled for a bus and when it came near
We said get Hannah to the bar near here
If anything this Wolfline had no flair
But we said yo, forget it, she’s so drunk she don’t care
She, pulled, up to the bar about ten or eleven
And yelled to the bartender – a drink! I’ll be in heaven!
She looked at her kingdom she was FINALLY here
To sit at a bar and legally drink beer!

I’m 21!!!!!!

So I’m now officially 21 years old. Yay. I’ve gotten several emails from forums that I’ve a member of wishing me a happy birthday and several facebook and myspace comments..so thanks everyone who has wished me a happy birthday! Soon to be at the beach to top of the celebration! Happy Birthday to anyone else who was born on July 5th. I also hope everyone (in the USA) had a great Independence Day!