Linux: Two Scripts to Help Debug Opera

Are you an Opera user and a Linux user at the same time? If so, then you could genuinely help Opera by sending in bug reports and specifically crash reports.

I’ve put a could of tools together for you in the form of scripts. If the idea of scripts scares you, then don’t worry. I’ve explained how to use them in the INSTALL.txt file that is in the zip archives for each tool.

They are really easy to use and can make your life much easier!

If you find that these scripts could be improved and/or extended, feel free to make changes yourself and/or pass them my way so we can all benefit from them!

Opera: Kill Freeze – The first tool is a script that will stop Opera when it’s frozen and, if you are using Opera 10+, prompt you with a crash log report so you can explain how it happened.

Opera: Crash Report Details – This tool will generate a text file on your desktop with some technical specifics that you should copy and paste along with your bug report. This information can greatly help with finding a bug and reproducing it so that it can be eliminated.

Do you have or know of similar tools? Let me know about them and post them in the comments!

Busy busy..

I’ve been busy busy this week! I haven’t had a lot of time to add to the site, but I have filed several bugs at the opera bug wizard. Hey they fix them soon, but you never know how soon/long it will take cause they don’t have a proper tracker installed. It’s just a submission tool. 🙁

I guess I could just make my own here, hehe, and have people post but reports here that they have posted on the bug submission tool so we can track the bug report and status..letting the submitter edit/update the submission. If anyone has any suggestions just drop them in the comments section!

So I was playing guitar a bit yesterday and I finally got around to transferring some music videos that I found on youtube to my 30gb video iPod. It was very easy with the ‘SUPER’ video converter program that I found here (use the Mirror link to download). The videos I got were of Eric Clapton and Robert Cray playing the song ‘Old Love’ and also Stevie Ray Vaughan playing ‘Voodoo Chile’ which is originally a Jimi Hendrix cover (I like Stevie’s version more tho, lol)…
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Voodoo Chile (slight return)

So this is the song that I’m currently trying to master (Stevie’s version anyway, lol). I need to start adding more stuff to the site don’t I!? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section! I’m off..