A fresh hair cut

So today has been a pretty typical day. I woke up around 9:30 or 10, got up and took a shower and checked my emails. Oh, I got one Orgoo request last night as well! 10 left if you’re interested!

So I went out to get a hair cut today and man isn’t it nice! My hair was getting a little long and shaggy. This hot weather hasn’t been to kind on me either, haha. Now I can feel the breeze again and not burn up everywhere, haha. I got my ears lowered as they say (they being no one really, just an expression, haha).

It’s good to see the rain coming in now as well! The thunderstorms don’t bother me too much, but when they knock out the Internet connection it gets really irritating. Now that I won’t be sweating everywhere I go maybe I can spend some more time outside and off the computer for a change. 😀

No real tech news that I care to write about right now, maybe something will happen soon though so I can dig into it and write up a good how to or review!

Take care everyone and enjoy this awesome weather! Try not to work too much. 😉