HTC G1 – I want the Google Phone

If you didn’t know already, Google has been working on a platform for mobile phones named Android. Android is an open source platform that is based on the Linux platform.

The G1 will be in competition with the Apple iPhone and will feature an App store that is very similar to the one that is currently in place for the iPhone.

Many of the features will even be similar while the interface will be much different.

The current price for the HTC G1 is set at a very competitive price – $179, just $20 less than the iPhone.

The G1 looks fairly similar in appearance to the iPhone, featuring a large touch screen. However, the G1 also features a slide out keyboard and in a very slick way.

The screen of the phone slides to the right and underneath where the screen was is now a full featured keyboard!

I have been considering starting an Amazon wishlist, so now just may be the perfect time for me to add a thing or two to my wishlist and publish it — the HTC G1 being one of them. 😉

So if any of my friends or a stranger having a good day would like to make my day then you can do so much more easily! 😀

The phone is currently only offered with a T-Mobile plan, however, I’m hoping that like the iPhone..I will be about to purchase the phone itself and adjust it to fit my network. 😉

We’ll see. For now I’ll just be keeping up with some of the latest news on it.

I now have an Amazon Wishlist setup. 😛 So feel free to make a purchase whenever you see fit. 😉 The link is also in the list on the right.