This afternoon I decided to rest up from a very busy day and so I turned to Hulu.

After watching several new episodes of my favorite shows I decided to see what else was available on Hulu.

That’s when I came across Dilbert. You know, the little cartoon office guy from the funnies.

I’ve posted a couple that I found humorous. Hopefully you will as well.

Know of any other ones that I missed that are worth mentioning? Share them below!

Hulu is pretty sweet, so is ALF

For the past few days I’ve been hooked on watching TV shows on Hulu.com.

It’s free and you can find a lot of shows on there with all episodes from all seasons.

I’ve been watching the show ALF lately just because I remembered it from when I was very little and wanted to catch up on what it was about.

There are minimal advertisements, so it easy to watch. Not nearly as bad as watching something on TV these days. 😛

Also, if you’re into watching shows on the Internet for free and legally then you’ll be happy to know that YouTube has now started broadcasting shows by CBS with minimal advertising as well.

I haven’t checked them out yet, but I probably will tomorrow.