Jump Drive failure..

So, I have a SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2.0GB jump drive that I got for Christmas last year and I use it almost daily. It’s the slim kind with the transparent cover and cap and it’s been great…up until a couple days ago.

The last thing that I used it for was to save a pdf ticket to a Brad Paisley concert so I could take it to a computer with a printer. Now, all it does when I plug it in to a usb slot is slowly light-up on the end as it normally would, but then it immediately fades out and doesn’t do anything at all after that.

I’m assuming it’s dead and I did a little searching around to see if I could find similar cases and possibly a solution, but I didn’t find much of anything that seemed useful. If anyone knows what is wrong or can confirm that it’s definitely dead then please let me know.

I’m looking into pricegrabber.com to find a great price on another one…except this time I’ll probably aim for something around 4-8GB. So that’s what I’ve been up to lately…and I’m ready to take out the tools and open this little soldier up if it’s definitely dead. 😀

Let me know!