Trashing Computers..and Junk

I didn’t realize how much computer hardware I had acquired over the years until I came home to a very messy room this summer.

I’m typically a fairly organized individual with a clear desk and clear floor, but that sure wasn’t the case this summer.

I started sorting the “junk” in my room into different piles, one of them being an electronics pile (motherboards, wireless cards, video cards, ram, floppy drives, cd/dvd-roms, zip drives, power supplies, hard drives, tons of cables, etc).

I also didn’t realize how much I enjoied holding on to junk, but I think I reached a new level now that I can easily trash a floppy drive that’s in near “mint” condition, haha. 😛 Or the 10-20 phone cables I came across that I had saved for dial-up.

Now that I’ve collected a large garbage bag of electronics to drop off at the nearest thrift store, I can actually work efficiently once again in my room.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to blogging frequently. 😉

I’ve also been spending a lot of time lately doing some DIY repairs and detailing to several cars lately, so I might just be able to broaden the range of content on here a little more with some DIY guides. 😉