Happy Birthday Me!

Haha, I just had to. 😛 So today is my 22nd Birthday! I’m just now to the point where every birthday becomes more and more of a disappointment, lol. It’s cool up to 21, but after that nothing special happens and you’re only getting older.

Hopefully I can make something fun happen!

Well, eight more birthday’s until I’m officially getting old. I’ve got to make the most of my birthday’s before then, haha, so wish me luck! 😀

I’m 21!!!!!!

So I’m now officially 21 years old. Yay. I’ve gotten several emails from forums that I’ve a member of wishing me a happy birthday and several facebook and myspace comments..so thanks everyone who has wished me a happy birthday! Soon to be at the beach to top of the celebration! Happy Birthday to anyone else who was born on July 5th. I also hope everyone (in the USA) had a great Independence Day!