Netflix Now For iPhone & iPod touch!

Being an iPod touch owner myself, I’ve been highly anticipating the release of this app all summer (thanks to the early rumors and annoucements).

I checked the app store last night just before going to bed for this app and there was no sign of it in sight, so I had decided to write a post along the lines of “Where is the promised (summer) Netflix iPhone/iPod touch App?”. Little did I know that I would wake up to the release headlines (that was much better)!

Without further ado, I bring you a brief gallery of what you can expect to find in this little app..

That’s a rundown of the Sign-in page, Home, Genre, Search, Instant Queue and player screens!

In case you missed these details, hiding the keyboard in the Search screen expands the movie covers into view where there was previously too little room to show them.

In the player screen with controls, you should note the progress bar at the top with a “zoom” button to the right which zooms in just enough to fill the wasted space above and below the video (not pictured zoomed). There is also the play/pause button at the bottom which is accompanied by the 30 second backtrack button and the volume bar.

This design is nearly (if not exactly) identical to the Netflix app design for the iPad which has been released to the public for some time now.

If you’re a Netflix member and own an iPhone or iPod touch then I highly recommend you head straight to the App Store and download this free app for yourself! Enjoy!

WTF Should I Watch?

Just for laughs I threw together this quick page that gives you a new movie or show suggestion in a humorous way each time you load the page.

Screenshot of the WTFSIW page in action..

The idea for this type of site is not my own and was inspired by site like What The F*** Should I Make For Dinner, F***ing Movie Reviews, The F***ing Weather and others.

The page works off of three very short files and the code is minimal, so if anyone’s wanting to make something similar just let me know if you’re curious about my implementation of this.

Hopefully you find this both useful as well as funny! Comments, retweets and other shares are always appreciated!

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan is Great

This has to be one of the best Adam Sandler movies that I’ve seen in a long time.

True, it has plenty of stupid moments with stupid humor, but I actually appreciate those scenes.

For a while I was starting to wonder if Adam Sandler was losing his touch, but now that I’ve seen this it takes me back to the days of movies like Billy Madison and Big Daddy!

If you haven’t seen it yet then I would highly suggest it and if we don’t have similar movie tastes then just choose to watch everything that I don’t. 😛

Cuttin’ Heads

I’m about to fall asleep to one of the best movies of all time. If any of you have Netflix then you can watch it instantly here. The movie is Crossroads (1986).

It’s one of the best movies of all time in my opinion and Brandon and I used to watch it together and just jam out trying to be guitar gods, haha. Now I realize that we are (and were) far from what they are in this movie, but at the time I still had hope. Now I’ve lost all hope in being good on guitar, but it’s definitely a movie that encourages me to play all the time.

Hopefully one day I can at least play one show to impress someone, haha, but not for a while. Until then I count on my good friend Kyle Phelps to teach me some more about guitar and to help be grow. Maybe I’ll even post some videos eventually. 😛

Slacker Uprising: Now Available for Free

Slacker Uprising, which is a film by Michael Moore which aims to encourage 18-29 years to get out and vote, is now available.

Today was the release date for this film which is being offered online for free via download.

To get this film you have one of two options and both are 100% legal and legitimate.

1. You can download the video from the official website which only allows downloads from within Canada and USA.

2. You can download the video via BitTorrent which may actually be a faster method. If you’re unsure of what BitTorrent is or how to use it then you can find all of the information that you need to know here.

I for one will be downloading this video as I have heard a lot of good things about it and since it’s being legally offered for free…why not?

UPDATE (2008-10-03):
I myself have not received a notice of take down, but I might as well remove the link to the torrent since the torrents are apparently being removed now.

Several websites linking to Michael Moore’s freebie film Slacker Uprising have received cease-and-desist letters demanding removal of the torrents.

You can still get the movie legally and for free from the official website which is option number one above.

Batman – The Dark Knight

The Dark Night

So I just watched this excellent movie and I’ll have to say that it impressed me even more than I expected! I know there is also a lot of talk about the movie due to the unfortunate loss of Heath Ledger, but I must say that he was the most impressive actor/actress in the entire film.

It almost felt like the movie was aimed more towards him, even though it was…well…you know…a Batman movie. Batman Begins does a really good job of covering his own origins and what not, but The Dark Night doesn’t really focus much on him..except for maybe a couple things in his life. I won’t give out the details…so all I can say is that I wasn’t disappointed.

You won’t be either, so…Go see it and take your friends!

UPDATE (2008-07-23):
Here is a quick update from one of my blog readers.

Hey Kyle,

I read your review today of The Dark Knight. I don’t know if you heard about this, but did you see that PETA is now condemning the movie because batman hurts dogs in it? Pretty ridiculous.

Anyway I thought you would find this amusing.

Take care,

That is really ridiculous! I noticed that there were several dogs that would just be thrown around in the movie, but I can’t believe PETA is complaining about it really. The scenes with the dogs aren’t really cruel scenes at all. Just self defense really.

Anyway, thanks Cory for the email!

Movie Spoofs (a.k.a. Recuts)

If you like spoof trailers then here are a few. They’re all fun to watch. I came across them after my brother sent me an email with a link to the Fight Club recut. I’m just amazed at some of these. I mean the way that they take the story and completely change it with small scenes from here and there. I noticed that the music played an important role in the success of the spoof for several of the clips, but they all seemed to choose their music wisely! Just watch and enjoy..

These are all recuts of several of my favorite movies! These ought to keep you busy when you’re bored!

Post some of your favorite spoof or recut videos so I can enjoy a few more laughs! ..or any good comedy videos for that matter! 😀